Keeping on top of the clutter in your own space is a challenge. Now throw colleagues, managers and cleaners into the mix and you are probably finding yourself in a fluster.

When it comes to getting better organised it’s important to go with what comes naturally to you. If the entrance table is where you usually drop your keys and the shelf by the door your bag, that’s where you’d need a container or hook to ‘house’ them. While this works well in your own space, what comes naturally to you might not be as natural to someone else. So your shared filing system is a disaster zone, and you have no system for finding anything in your shared work spaces.

If you’re fed up of picking up after the entire office and never being able to find what you need, here are some ideas to get you (all) on track:

Hold a “Let’s get organised” meeting. Shared space is not only about how you want it to look but more about what will work well for everyone. Tip: do this when you are all feeling happy and calm. Trying to set boundaries for the future is counterproductive if you are in a flammable mood. Sit in a circle (to prevent the ‘manager knows best’ autocratic approach) allow everyone time to say what they like about the space, what works for them, what doesn’t and what they’d like to change going forward

. Collectively pool the ideas and as a ‘team’ decide on the ‘rules’ going forward. Once you have buy-in from all users, staying on track should be simple Make sure to assign everyone a role in keeping the office as you all want it to be.

Schedule daily quick sorts or weekly blitz sessions so the space is continually brought back to an organised state!

Now that you have these common spaces under control and organised, you don’t need to cringe when a business associate arrives unexpectantly for a meeting.

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