Put your value where it counts

When I started my business I was inconsistent with my pricing. A client would ask for a quote and I would be too scared to give them my actual price for fear of driving them away. This extreme lowering of my prices became a constant inner battle as I argued against myself.

As I grew and became more informed, life showed me that under-pricing was a form of devaluing myself. Every time I dropped prices to keep a client, it was self-floccinaucinihilipilification – I was saying my time, efforts, and expertise were of questionable value; saying that I was of debatable worth.    

Devaluing me devalued my business and could be seen in the low sales. I could not put quality into my products as I could not see the benefit of so much for so little and my clients received my excuses for their money. I could not bring myself to pour so much effort, uniqueness and time into what I had, so I under-charged and my work became cheaper than even the cheap price I was giving it away for. My lowered pricing to get clients resulted from my lack of certain and true self-worth – this even blocked my vision of who I am supposed to be, my higher calling. In my distorted view, all I could see were the clients that I couldn’t get, this further confirmed my lack of worth – I was thinking bottom dollar instead of the whole picture.

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My mind set, my perspective towards myself and my work, was mediocre – not much value there. I saw myself as less valueable and transferred that to my work and interactions which, in turn, led others to view me and my work as of little-to-no value. This was the reason for my low to non-existent sales – I inspired the low response from others in my personal and business lives.

With a lot of personal and spiritual effort and the support of the people around me – those who could see through me into the real person of worth that I am – I have learnt (and am still learning) the true value of me. The process has helped break old self barriers, led me to think differently and re-evaluate my life and redefine what success means to me. It is not about getting clients at any cost of and to myself, but rather understanding that my work is an extension of myself; I’m investing in myself because I believe in me. It is not about the money but the value: there is now an evident value to me, a quality in my work, and that comes through when I deal with clients. Now that I know and own my worth and the value of my time and expertise, I have gained confidence. When a client now asks me for a quote, I can quiet confidently say: “Hey, you are buying a Zee-product and I am good at what I do – we can negotiate terms but not the value”.

I am of worth, my work testifies to aspects of that – my clients get the full benefit of working with someone who has and gives full value.


How you talk about yourself affects how you present yourself – both are based on how you perceive yourself. You can change your perception of self by how you talk about yourself and how you think of yourself. Stop putting yourself down, stop devaluing yourself, stop making light of your talents; how you think of yourself is how you will present yourself to others and is how most will see you. Whether you are in a work place or own a business, in life, the person we bring out for others is how we will be seen and will also attract likewise attention and people.

Zelna Harrison Photography

Valuing yourself does not meaning lying to yourself nor does it mean exaggerating. Exaggeration is a false coin – it makes you come across as arrogant and untrue and that is how people will see you.

Find your true worth and celebrate the fact that you are a valuable person, different but equal to everyone else. Believe that you are of value and celebrate your unique talents, gifts and skills as worthy. Embrace them as the things that make you a unique and valuable you.   


Your core values define who you are – they help answer the question: “Who am I?” Knowing your core values helps you in your decision-making and gives direction and purpose. Lose sight of your value and you will end up a mess. Your core values, not only help you make effective choices in your business, they also help you in friendship and love and help you manage your time and money wisely – you will invest more of yourself in what you deem valuable.


Put your value where it counts – see the value and start investing in yourself accordingly.


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About The Author


First of all, I'm a photographer for women. Everything I am embodies a higher path of why I'm here: to awaken women to their true beauty; to see their uniqueness, and bring an awareness to the truth and to get women to live their lives to their fullest potential. I am hoping that my life journey will stir, uplift, heal and inspire. I am a lover of quotes, so here are some words that echo who I am: "In Him I live, and move and have my being." - Acts 17:28; "I fall in love a bit with anyone who shows me their soul, this world is so gaurded and fearful, I apprecaite rawness." - Emery Allen; "I love the person I've become because I fought to be her."; "Art only attracts us by what it reveals of our secret selves." - Jean Luc Godart.

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