It’s always scary to move out of your comfort zone. But sometimes it has to be done. You might be moving to the new city because you’ve just got a new job. Or you’ll be studying there for a couple of years. Your emotions could range from excitement to fear. And you may be filled with many questions. Will you like it? And will you be able to settle in?


Here are a few things you’ll go through when moving to a new city.



It’s hard to be the new kid on the block. And when you move into a new city, you’ll have to work hard to meet people and establish your own “family’ away from home. You will need a support system, people you can count on and spend time with for enjoyment. So, say yes to every invitation that comes your way. Even if it’s your colleague’s grandpa’s birthday party. You never know who you’ll meet and what connections you’ll make. You’ll never meet people sitting on your couch watching reruns of your favourite sitcom on TV.



When you move into a new city, the library will be your new best friend. And obtaining a membership card will chase the boredom away. Because, first of all, the books are free and, second of all, it will give you some form of entertainment and escape while you’re getting to know you’re new city.


Keep in touch

You will go through bouts of sadness from time to time because you’re missing your family. But you shouldn’t let these feeling linger for too long. You could talk to them on skype and social media. And if you really need to be with them, you could buy a plane ticket and see them for the weekend.


Get to know your city

You might not have the budget to explore every tourist attraction available but you can go on walking tours. Some cities offer free walking tours where you can learn about the history of the city. This is a fun way to exercise and become familiar with a new place.


Find a hobby

When you first move to a new city, everything can seem overwhelming. You’re not familiar with your new settings and you don’t know a many people yet. And this is why you should find a hobby. Whether you join a dance class or adult hockey team, it could be a great way to meet a new set of people and have something to do during the weekend. Finding something to do can kill boredom and help you forget you’re away from home.



In the beginning, you might not be familiar with the city you’ll be moving into. And you might need to settle for a safe but expensive neighbourhood. The dent in your pocket will be worth your safety and peace of mind. After a few months, you’ll be more familiar with the different neighbourhoods. And colleagues and friends can refer you to areas which are safe but are within your price range.



After you have selected a neighbourhood, make sure you pick the right apartment. Ask the landlord if you can do a  thorough inspection of the place you want to rent. Walk through the apartment and do an evaluation of the apartment. You’ll need to inspect and walk through every room. Is there any moulding in the shower? Are there bathroom items you’ll need to add? Do the electrical outlets working? Are all the doors and windows secure?



If you don’t have a car, make sure the neighbourhood you pick has convenient transport for you to travel in the morning and later in the day. Will it be easy for you to travel to school or work, figure out which is the fastest route and most convenient transport mode.


Give yourself time to adjust. Just like with any new experience it takes some time to get used to. Give yourself a year before you bail out and decide the city isn’t for you.

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