It’s easy to think that certain trends just aren’t going to work out in your house. But the trick to pulling off bold décor in interior design is to be confident in your choice and believe that it works. And, at the end of the day, as long as you love what your house looks like and that it represents your style, who cares what everyone else has to say?


Here’s what’s trending in the world of bold interior design for the everyday household. Get some ideas and then hit the physical stores or HomeChoice online, and make a bold “this is my home” statement.


Mix ‘n match

Probably one of the harder bold steps to take if you struggle with perfectionism, but really one of the easiest looks to pull off is mixing and matching anything and everything (in moderation of course).

Start with your dining room table. If a few chairs are looking kind of sad but you can’t afford an entirely new set or find the exact same ones – just replace the two or three with completely different style chairs. Find at least one thing that will still tie the new chairs into the room (it’s mix and match) and there you have it. A new look and dining chair set.

The same goes with textiles. If you ever feel torn between choosing different patterns for your bedroom and just wish you could use them all, let your wishes come true because, chances are, they can work together. It can be different patterns, textures, fabrics – you name it. Control the “chaos” and be left with a room that stands out in all the right ways.

And colour combinations are a sure way to attain “bold” status. Dark, neon or splashes of yellow are the way to go.



Doors are pretty standard, right? Think again.

Doors are the gateway to making a statement in a room. Just by painting the door a bold colour while the rest of the room remains relatively monotone, you can bring some fun to the room without much effort, really.

Another bold door-move would be to DIY a sliding door. The same colour statements apply and you can even add a pattern to it. But placing a painted, barn door on wheels does wonders for small spaces (like that guest bathroom) and looks amazing.



If using bright colours on your walls scares you too much, you could always make your own art gallery wall with various art and decorated shelves as features in an otherwise plain room. Accompanied by a plain bedding set, it will bring sophistication and interest into the room.

If you’re slightly more daring you can play around with geometric patterns and metallic colours. It’s the trend of all trends at the moment and is more than eye-catching. Another way to dress your walls is with wallpapers of scenic photographs and murals. Take the beauty you capture through your camera and have it printed onto your walls.  



It’s simple. If you want to be bold and different, paint your ceiling. Not paint it white again to cover up the squashed mosquito stains, paint it black, with stripes or blue to match the rest of the room. Work with the room from the floors to the ceiling and your house will be, as the youth say, “on point”.



Now we take it to the things you put into your house. We’ve covered the walls, painted the ceilings and spruced up the doors, now it’s time to bring in unconventional furniture.

Before we start discussing what classifies as “unconventional”, it’s important to note that not everything can be refurbished and sometimes you have to let go, say your goodbyes and move on. Right, moving along.

If you’re struggling to find a coffee table or can’t quite afford the headboards that everyone is selling, why not repurpose some, rather unconventional, materials to get a unique addition for the room?

A few things that can be turned into a coffee table include a chicken crate, a window, wooden crates, an old door or a chest. For headboards you can repurpose shutters, large vintage styled windows or a grand mirror above the bed. It’s about creating an aesthetic that is different and stands out.


Being bold with your décor is about making a room interesting and original. It becomes a topic of conversation, jealousy for the neighbours and a great Instagram story.

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