2019: the year where food and décor will collide – in an incredibly trendy manner, of course. The Pantone Colour Institute, the consultancy behind the Colour of the Year, has picked 72 colours in eight colour palettes that they predict will be everywhere – from wardrobes to walls in 2019.

Two of the palettes they’ve highlighted as delicious for décor are ‘Classico’ and ‘Cravings – and frankly, we’re obsessed. The ‘Cravings’ palette includes all ranges of passionate colours – spicy reds, sweet flamingo oranges and rich purples – whilst the ‘Classico’ boasts more of a minimalist feel with its forever fashionable swan whites, burgundy reds and caviar black hues.

These rich colours not only tempt the eye but the taste buds too – selected by the Pantone Colour Institute for their ability to engage and stimulate beyond the surface. Hungry for change? Taylor Blinds & Shutters serves up some savvy solutions for incorporating the latest trends into your home – without breaking the bank.

Keep it neutral

Keep your essential furniture colour scheme within the grey spectrum. As your colour preferences and trends change over time, you can adapt without having to replace all your furniture.

Throw it on, not away

Invest in versatile, low cost items such as cushions and throws. Adding an on-trend cushion to a neutral grey couch will go a long way towards keeping your look current. Pull the theme through to your bedroom and bathroom with throws, bath-towels or other Objet d’art.

Use your windows wisely

Another way to bring the colour trend into your home is by investing in Taylor Blinds & Shutters Roller Blinds. Once the frame has been installed, changing your fabric is quick and cost effective which means that you can keep up with the trends (and ahead of the Jones’s). Taylor’s unmatchable Roller Blind collection not only provides a unique colour and print selection, but humidity control and UV ray protection to keep the sun’s damage at bay.

Cover it up

Gradient wallpapers are the latest décor craze that make incorporating colour and texture into your home a breeze. The best part is you can rip it off and re-do it next year. Gradient wallpaper gives a gradual integration of two colour schemes – perfect for “all or nothing” décor enthusiasts.

Anthony Mederer, Managing Director of Taylor Blinds & Shutters says, “Whilst trends can be overwhelming, it’s always best to take a step back and revaluate what you can afford and what you’re trying to achieve. The trick is incorporating products that have a functional and either a repurpose or multi-purpose use, such as Taylor Blinds & Shutters Roller Blinds. Simple additions to your home will get you to the top of the book club list in no time.”

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