Copper Fresh is new to the fight against Covid-19 and has entered the global market at a critical time in the world’s struggle against the current pandemic and all future viruses and bacteria.

Trio founders David Ash, Dean Lazarus and Roy Miller are no newbies to innovation, all serial entrepreneurs, who’ve started other successful businesses locally and abroad. Their latest (and most timely) product launch is an innovative solution to curb the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and saving lives by encouraging people to wear pink, copper face masks. 

Copper Fresh is making waves in the mask world after creating  one of Africa’s first masks capable of self-sanitising and killing the SARS-Cov-2 virus just a few minutes after it touches your mask.

“One of the problems with traditional masks is that it doesn’t prevent you from touching your face often. This means every time you touch your face you are spreading new virus onto your mask and contaminating it,” said Miller. “[Our] mask kills viruses and bacteria. Whereas your traditional blue mask doesn’t. So, if you take your mask off and then put it back on again- you are still carrying the virus with you and ultimately back into your home environment.” By wearing a Copper Fresh face mask you are effectively putting on a new mask, every minute.

The secret behind the self-cleaning masks is the same reason they sport a pink hue and it’s all thanks to the copper component. Clinical tests prove that copper is effective in constantly killing viruses, disease and bacteria.

The business venture started with the foresight of the founders realizing that the pandemic was going to be something we continue to face for the foreseeable future. Masks are our first line of prevention and are undoubtedly changing the way we live, work, travel, enter high-volume communal spaces and events.

“What we realised was in the medical PPE space there is little to no new technology. The stuff they are using today, is the same stuff they have been using for the past few decades. Nothing has changed. Also thinking of the environmental angle of short-lifespan, disposable masks going to landfills, provided further impetus for the venture of a self-cleaning smart mask. We started making phone calls to people that are looking at coming up with tomorrow’s technology, making it today. Most of our phone calls were late into the night talking to mask-making factories and experts. One thing kept popping up…copper,” says David Ash. 

The trio finally found the technology they were looking for offshore. Copper Fresh has since secured the rights to manufacture this unique technology for Africa; where currently 30 patents and scientific studies exist world-wide. There’s also 15 years of research that covers the origins of the technology, where copper oxide-infused fabric was being used by paramedics to dress wounds at accident scenes. 

When asked about their vision, the answer is simple and unanimous: 

“Our vision is to see every healthcare professional in Africa being protected with a Copper Fresh face mask.”

Currently, this patented fabric is shipped into their Johannesburg warehouse where a local team is busy around the clock, manufacturing masks. Recommended for individuals, households, companies and are encouraged for all front-line workers and anyone working in public spaces. 

Delivery available throughout SA. Available for order and purchase online at, or Brian Spilkin, National Sales Director -0824166215

Ask for it by name. Copper In, Virus Out.

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