Home offices are becoming extremely popular in homes.  More people are working from home, whether this be entrepreneurial; doing after work catch-ups or personal admin or communications. This can be a really fun and exciting project and process, as you will be able to create an office space in a comfort and stylish environment as well as burn the midnight oil!

Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when creating your perfect home office:

1. Location:

Select a space that is distinctively separate from the other areas in your home, allowing you enough privacy, space and traffic flow.  You do not want to be squashed into corner and you do not want to be easily distracted.  Available rooms in your home can be converted into an office, as well as room that offers a quiet space for working.

2. Functionality:

The workspace you have selected must be maximized to the fullest – your work office must work for you!  Be mindful of your workflow and what you will require at your fingertips when working before purchasing any functional furniture.  Functional furniture elements will be:  Desk; shelving; storage space and seating.  These must be accessible, comfortable and of course beautiful!  When selecting your furniture pieces, aim for these to compliment the rest of the décor in your home or opt for a stylish theme – The main aim is to create a stylish working pad.

3. Chair Wise:

Ensure you invest in a great chair, after all this is where you will be spending most of your time.  Your chair must be ergonomically correct as well as stylish.  It is advisable to sit in a chair before purchasing it, this way you will know what is ergonomically correct and comfortable for you.

4. Colour:

Bring in elements of colour into your working space, opt for something bright and fun, and that will get your work senses going. You can bring in colour onto the feature wall (e.g.: Painting the wall in an accent color or installing a colorful wallpaper); desk chair; loose lay rug; or your accessories.

5. Tech Wise:

Computers; printers; phones; modems and electrics are not always guarantee to be beautiful!  Best to keep it neat and tidy, by allocating dedicated and accessible areas for these items as well as managing the wires.  Maximise on wireless wherever you can, as wiring can really get messy, but there are ways to minimize and manage this.  Some desks will allow for a wire manager or plastic cap that can be installed on the top of a desk which allows the wires to feed through from the desk to the plug points. Invest in wire organizers or tubing that will keep or your wiring together that leads to your plug points.

6. Lighting:

Ensure there is good lighting for your work space, best lighting options will be task lighting such as strip lighting on shelving, a desk lamp or dimmable ceiling lights.  The lighting must be soft, but bright enough for you to work, and at the same time not aggravate straining on your eyes with a glare.  Natural lighting in a home office is always great, especially if you have a view!  I really love natural light as it creates a sense of openness, freshness and inspiration in a space!

7. Be Inspired:

Reality is we are all different and each of us is inspired in many different ways, and by different things.  I think it is great to introduce something into your home office that really inspires you, that gets your inner muse going – Add your personal touch! This can be anything from: Photos; artwork; gimmick knick-knacks; travel pictures; inspirational quotes; music or even a beautiful vase of flowers.



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