Never under estimate the importance of framing your artwork correctly! Framing is the final finishing touch to any art piece, it is as important as positioning it. Selecting the right frame will enhance the appearance of your art, as well as make the most out of your investment.

Here are some simple tips that will ensure you choose the correct frame:

1. Does artwork need framing?

Some art works do not require framing; this is depending on the style of art and how it has been finished off. If the piece is “gallery-wrapped” then you will not need to have it framed. Gallery-wrapped is when the artists paints on canvas which is wrapped around / stretched on a wooden frame. The sides of the canvas will then be pulled back with a neat clean finish on the sides. This will allow you to hang as is on the wall.

2. Selecting the style of frame:

The artwork is the final decision maker of the finish and style of frame. For example a period painting would be complimented with an elaborate classical gold frame, as where a contemporary piece will work well with a clean line black or white frame.

3. The finish of the frame counts:

Once you have selected your frame, you can then select the finish of this. The finish of the frame must compliment the artwork, select the right colour; thickness; profile and never compromise on the quality. Commonly used colours for contemporary pieces are Black OR White, but who says you cannot choose another colour.   You can always work with another colour tone from your art and use that at the frame colour to enhance the piece. This is just another fun perspective to having your framing done!

4. Using mount boards:

Mount boards are always used when framing, this is the boarder around the art. Once again the artwork will be decision maker on what style of mount board will be used as the boarder. These come in various colours; sizes and profiles. The most commonly used colour is white, however you can always compliment the white with another thin boarder in different colour, ie: Black thin lining, once again this must compliment the artwork.
Mount boards can also be used in addition with foam core (thicker board) to “float” the artwork – this style is depending on how the art work was finished and on what material it was painted on.

I have included some snap-its of completed framing that I had fun with!



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Black frame placed on painted feature wall

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