We all reach that point in our lives that when it comes to the home, some things just have to go or change!  Understanding the “do’s” and “don’ts’s” in interior design and décor, can help you enjoy your home a lot more, in a more fun and harmonious way!


I have listed the top 10 NOT to haves in home décor after the age of 30:

  1. Cheap bed linen:  Do allow yourself this one luxury , even if you save up for it.  Our bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in our homes.  It’s our place of sanctuary and relaxation; and place where we retreat.  Nothing beats sleeping on a good quality bed; in soft sheets and an additional proven fact: You will have better nights sleep, and thank yourself for it!
  2. The cushions that came with sofa:  Please let these go!  I know at the time you thought, good bargain,  “they throw in extra scatters” for free.   Truth is, they will be poorly made and will not compliment your sofa in any way.  Rather purchase some scatter cushions that will compliment you and your home and that are of good quality.   Shopping tip:   Always opt for the cushions with feather inners, these will be more comfortable and maintain their lush look for longer.
  3. Postage stamp size rugs:  Rugs are a very important element in décor, and should be used correctly.   For me, a rug is like the cherry on the chocolate cake, it’s the last décor detail that brings the room together!  The correct rug size should be big, lush and fill the space.  Far too often I see a lounge layout with this little tiny rug that just fits the coffee table, this is wrong!  Size tip: Your rug should sit just in front or under your sofa and chairs
  4. Kitch photo frames:  It is lovely to have the memories of family and friends viewed in your home.   However, having them placed in many kitch photo frames is just a no go!   Rather invest in having them beautifully framed in the same frame style, color and hung up in order on a wall in the home.  This is far more stylish and easier to view.
  5. Temporary furniture:  I know that feeling of:  “when I move into my new home I will invest in new furniture”.   Fact is:   There is no better time than the present, sure those “hand me downs” were great at the time, but now its time to invest in your own pieces.  By doing this, you are feeding your soul on to what suits your home and your style.  Shopping tip: Don’t always go “cheap” because it is a bargain; rather save up for a piece you love!
  6. TV stands:  That great deal, buy the TV and get the stand for free!  Thanks, but no thanks… You really don’t need that TV stand.  What you need is a stylish media unit; one that fits well into your home and that is more of a décor piece furniture than a practical piece of furniture. You can look at having this custom made or the décor stores do have some really beautiful pieces.
  7. Short curtains:  Curtains that are ready for the floods is so wrong!  Please invest in curtains that are of good quality and that hang at the correct length. You can either have these custom made for your home or the décor stores do sell ready made curtains that are at a good length.  Installation tip: If your curtains are to long or too short then adjust the curtain rail or rod.
  8. Clutter:  There is no need or reason for clutter in any home, no matter what your age is! A good clean organized home equals a good clean steady mind!  Your life will be less frustrating and chaotic if you create a more streamlined space with better storage solutions.  Take up all the space in your cupboards and invest in shelving and boxing solutions for your home.
  9. Wrong sized furniture:  I see this so many times, either a home has too much of oversized furniture or random small pieces of furniture that make no sense.  Often, homeowners rush out to purchase furniture pieces that they have not even be measured for their home.  You have to measure your space to know what will comfortably fit – it is non-negotiable!  You will save yourself time and money if you do the work out correctly!  Measuring tip: Use masking tape on the floor to act and measured out as the sofa / piece of furniture to see if it fits comfortably.
  10. Keeping something you hate:  If you hate it, chuck it! Never keep items in your home that you hate, rather fill your home with pieces that give you joy; pleasure and comfort!


Below are some pictures taken from my clients sites of furniture; fabrics and looks they love!

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