Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a home, and one of the best places you can gain a massive investment on! Your kitchen is where you will spend a lot of time cooking; entertaining and having fun. Most kitchens today are open plan onto a dining area or living area, allowing us to easily entertain and socialize with our guests and family.


What are the key “sassy” trends in kitchen design now?  See my pointers below:

  • Keep it clean and simple! You don’t have to go full out contemporary to achieve this; classic style kitchens too can look clean and simple!  Remember: Simple detail and no clutter!
  • Work with your rhythm:  The traffic flow in a kitchen is very important.   Kitchen design always works in a “ triangle “ sequence (see diagram below) this relates to: fridge; stove and basin (3 main traffic points in a kitchen). If you do not have this sequence right, your kitchen will never work!
  • Invest in your finishes, this is so important!  Choose a good finish for your counter top; stove; basin; mixer; and fridge.  There will be a lot of traffic and it needs to be of good quality to handle the traffic.
  • Get organized, think about where items will be placed ( i.e.: cutlery; spices; coffee machine; brooms; bins; etc. ), with this in mind ensure each drawer and cupboard has “organizers” for all of these items.
  • Handle free zone; opt for “push open” mechanism on your cupboards and drawers.  Its contemporary and can be achieved with a classic look too!
  • Don’t forget your lighting!  Make use of LED strip lighting under top units.  You can chic it up a bit by adding lighting to your cornice or skirting detail to create a more floating vibe.  Take advantage of your kitchen island by adding a beautiful feature light above!
  • Have fun with splash backs and be practical!  You will always need a splash back in any kitchen, its non-negotiable.  These can be created by: glass splash backs; mosaics; tiling or bespoke design glass splash backs.  While investing them, have fun and get creative with colour and design!


See below: Diagram of Kitchen “ traffic “ layout and some of my favourite kitchens I have done for clients ( contemporary and classic contemporary)

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