From Executive Producers Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”), Jaron Varsano (“Cleopatra”) and Academy Award®-Winning Filmmaker Vanessa Roth (“Freeheld”), documentary following six exceptional women making an impact in their communities to premiere on 27 June 2021

In the heart of some of the most difficult circumstances in the world, there exist beacons of hope. National Geographic Presents: IMPACT WITH GAL GADOT is a compelling new documentary that follows the powerful stories of resilient young women around the globe who overcome obstacles and do extraordinary things. The documentary will premiere on National Geographic (DStv 181, Starsat 220) on Sunday 27 June 2021 at 21:00 (CAT). As an introduction to this moving and heartening special and the women that are featured, a six-part short-form series is available on Youtube. Watch these first short films here

IMPACT follows inspiring women living in communities marred by violence, poverty, trauma, discrimination, oppression and natural disasters, and yet, against all odds, they dare to dream, stand out, speak up and lead. The six brave women featured in the series include a 19 year old college student in Puerto Rico who, after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, is on a mission to ensure that every person struggling has access to clean and safe water; a trauma therapist in Half Moon Bay, California, who lost her twin sister to COVID-19 and is turning her grief to impact by healing women through surf therapy; a formally homeless transwoman in Memphis, Tennessee, who is building houses for other transgender women in need of homes; a ballerina in the most dangerous area of Brazil, who through dance has created a community that lifts young girls towards a better future; a figure skater who has broken barriers in her sport and dedicates her life to coaching and empowering young girls of colour on and off the ice; and the first female chief of a coastal southern Louisiana tribe, who is expected to be among the first climate refugees in the United States, as she impacts the legacy of her ancestors, the lives of her community today and the future of her people.

“These are important, powerful stories of brave women demonstrating compassion, humanity, and resilience that deserve to be told and celebrated,” said Gadot. “I feel it is both my honour and duty to give these remarkable women from around the world a platform to showcase the work they are doing in the face of overwhelming hardships. More than ever, we need to see the good that is being done by everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. I am a big believer in the ripple effect, and with this project we aim to create a community for people who want to help others. I am proud to have the opportunity to help amplify their voices, and I hope viewers are left as inspired and empowered as I am.”

“National Geographic believes in the power of storytelling to showcase and celebrate the human condition in the context of a changing world,” said Evert van der Veer, Vice President, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Africa. “The IMPACT documentary special shows the true power of the human spirit through these incredible women, and we are excited to share their inspiring stories of tenacity, courage and perseverance in the midst of challenging circumstances with viewers across the continent” he added.

Short form series episodes Include: 

Episode 1: Ice Breakers (Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.)

Follow the story of Kameryn, a 20-year-old figure skating coach in Detroit who has dedicated her life to coaching young girls of color to empower them both on and off the ice.

Episode 2: Surf Sisters (Half Moon Bay, California, U.S.A.)

Kelsey of Half Moon Bay, California, is driven by two passions: surfing and helping people through grief and trauma. After losing her twin sister to COVID, Kelsey turns her grief into impact by healing others through a special surf therapy program that she started for women suffering from the effects of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, grief and loss.

Episode 3: The Ripple Effect (San Juan, Puerto Rico, U.S.A.)

Discover the inspiring story of Arianna, a 19-year-old woman leading a team of college students who invented a water filtration system. They are giving the people of Puerto Rico access to clean, drinkable water after years of living with toxic water after the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017 and lack of government assistance.

Episode 4: Coming Home (Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.)

Meet Kayla, who has dedicated her life to helping homeless transgender women of color in Memphis, Tennessee. Having experienced homelessness and violence herself, Kayla has created a safe community for these notoriously discriminated-against people. She is building more than two dozen houses across Memphis for transwomen that need safety and a place to call home. 

Episode 5: Killer Red Fox (Grand Caillou/Dulac, Louisiana, U.S.A.) 

Meet Shirell, the first female chief of her southern Louisiana tribe. Her ancestors have lived on the land for hundreds of years, and they are now expected to be among the United States’ first climate refugees. Shirell can’t stop the storms, but she is impacting the legacy of her ancestors, the lives of her community today and the future of her people.

Episode 6: Na Ponta dos Pes (On Tip Toe) (working title) (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

Witness the inspiring story of Tuany, a 23-year-old ballet dancer who started a dance company for young girls in the middle of one of Rio De Janeiro’s most dangerous favelas. She gives students hope for a better future and a safe space away from the violent world around them.

How to tune in

Short form episodes:

National Geographic Youtube

Full length documentary special: 

National Geographic Channel 

DStv: Channel 181

StarSat: 220 on DTH, 220 on DTT (249 on DTT in Uganda)

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