Let us be honest, laundry day is not a favourite day for many, except for those who are benefitting from having clean clothes. However, it is a chore that needs to be done. With 15 April being National Laundry Day, this is the perfect time to look at doing the laundry with new appreciation.  

“Doing the laundry can be a tiring job, and even before you are finished packing away the most recently washed load, more items can be found in the laundry bin,” comments Sarah Webb, brand manager for laundry brand Personal Touch. “Although it may seem like a thankless job and that this time could be better spent doing something else, why not make it all about you and turn it into me time?”

Webb suggests the following tips on how to turn washing day into something to look forward to:

  1. You have been looking for time to start a new book or listen to a podcast, but it feels as though there just isn’t a moment. Why not download the audio book or the podcast, pop in your earphones and listen while sorting through the washing?
  2. Claim the TV for folding time. Put off watching an episode of your favourite television programme until it is time to fold your laundry. The distraction will make the folding go quicker.
  3. This is the time to think through anything that may be bothering you. The monotony involved with doing the laundry can work a method to clear your mind and help you think.
  4. Don’t want to waste time between washing loads? Use the time to do your exercise for the day. Choose a theme song, in the spirit of Rocky and Eye of the Tiger, and workout while your clothing stains are being worked out.
  5. Catch up with that friend you keep promising to get in contact with. Life can get very busy, and there is not always enough time to take or make a call, but since laundry day is your me time, use it to connect with friends and family.

“By making use of these tips and many other tips, laundry day will no longer be anticipated with dread. In fact, making this time your me time, makes this chore something to look forward to,” explains Webb.


Personal Touch’s range of all you need quality, laundry products including Personal Touch’s newly launched Auto Washing powder sheets, fabric softener & conditioner, and stain remover, is the perfect laundry day companion to handle all your washing loads with strength and delicacy. 

Available at major retailers, let Personal Touch give you the me time you deserve.

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