Bringing your baby home from the hospital can be both an exciting and daunting experience. No one can prepare you for the task of parenthood that is ahead of you, nor explain to you the moments you will enjoy with your little one while simultaneously worrying about everything that lies ahead of him. 

“Being a parent is a juggling act of activities, sleep, emotions and much depleted me time,” comments Mario Correia, brand manager for trusted brand Milton. “Your child is now your number one priority, and you are his number one provider of everything, which can cause a great deal of stress when you should be enjoying your new baby.”

When it comes to protecting your little one, the world seems to be full of germs you never considered before. And, while you try to put them in a protective bubble, as they grow they insist on putting everything in their mouths.  “The extent to which you go to keep your baby safe from germs changes as your baby grows, because once they become mobile there is nothing holding them back from touching everything.”

That being said, there should be a level of germ protection implemented to ensure that baby isn’t exposed to too many germs too quickly:

  • The most common way to pick up germs is through touching. Once the germs are on your hands they can make their way to your mouth or eyes. If you keep your and your baby’s hands clean you can reduce the chances of getting sick. Keep sanitising hand wipes or a hand sanitiser in your bag to reduce germ transmissions and keep hands clean. 
  • Toys, bottles and dummies are often dropped or left lying around the room. To make sure that all of these items are germ free for baby to put in their mouths or touch use a sterilising agent such as Milton to make sure that baby is safe. Bottles and dummies can be sterilised in a Milton Unit as recommended, while toys can be washed in the bath with Milton added to water. For over 60 years Milton has been trusted by parents to kill all known germs and continues to provide extra care for your baby. Your baby isn’t safe from germs until it is Milton safe. 
  • When you bring your newborn baby home try to limit the amount of visitors you have in the beginning as well as the amount of times you go out. This should be the time for you to spend with your baby, get him in to a routine (hopefully) and take time to get used to how your life has changed. There will be time for visitors after the first couple of weeks.
  • If you do have visitors over to see your baby, ask them to sanitise their hands before they come into the house, and again before holding baby. As hand sanitising is nothing new nowadays there is no chance of upsetting anyone.

Don’t panic too much about germs. Baby needs a strong immune system to be able to keep healthy, and ironically the way to do this is by exposing them to some germs as they grow. However, being cautious and managing baby’s exposure to germs is recommended especially in the beginning while monitoring it as he gets older.

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