Gone are the days of fully decorating your children’s bedroom in the latest adventure or fantasy character from floor to ceiling!  The design world is seeing children’s bedrooms been designed and decorated with a timeless sophisticated effect and look, with design elements been taken more seriously, as opposed to it just been done for fun or screaming out “children’s bedroom”.

I have listed 5 Top Trend key pointers below that will help you achieve a timeless look for your kids bedroom.

1. Tones of Grey:
Grey is the new black, it’s been in for a while and its here to stay!  This classic tone is brought into bedrooms as a neutral base, whether its used on walls; joinery and even bedlinen, it’s a classic.  Grey is super successful because it works well with most colours, therefore accent colours with grey equal for perfect harmony.

2. Wallpaper
Wallpaper an absolute old timer, I absolutely love using this in almost all of my schemes.  This can be used on all walls;  2 walls or a selected feature wall in the space to add great interest to any room.   The design and colour selection of wallpapers are endless, and one can easily change this over a number of years.

3. Ceilings
Ceilings are getting more attention in designing, it’s a fantastic surprise to any bedroom and of course your children will love it!   You can achieve this by painting a pattern onto your ceiling,  such as a colourful stripe or apply custom designed ceiling wallpaper, ie: the stars, the globe, atlas… There are so many things you can do!  Add an beautiful chandelier or pendent light for added drama and interest.

4. Modernism
Keeping the scheme modern and simple is key to a timeless interior.   The modernism style is implemented in furniture, custom joinery works (ie: book shelves, bunk beds, desks, etc) and your lighting.  You can layer this style with any look, such as classic or vintage style and it will still create a timeless look.

5. Headboards
The implementation of a headboard adds to a more “grown up” and sophisticated feel in a children’s bedroom.  Headboards can create a focal point in the room, making the bed the main feature in the bedroom, ensure to select a beautiful fabric and design, there is so much to choose from, so have some fun!  Not only will your headboard provide a bed with a more finished look, but will have added comfort too.

I have included some pictures of an installation I did for boys bedroom, where I had fun using wallpapers ( on the wall and ceiling ); designing the joinery and adding soft furnishings!


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