My trip to Paris for the January 2016 trade show of Maison et Object has truly inspired me. Having not visited this show for a couple of years,  I was surely in for a treat!   Maison et Object January 2016 was great, with a fantastic mix that got ones decor taste buds buzzing!  In co-ordination with Maison et Object was Decor-Off, which is a separate trade event dedicated to the top fabric houses in Paris showcasing their latest trends and releases on fabrics and wallpaper.

Not only was my trip incredibly inspirational but it also allows me to share with you the Top Decor Trends for 2016!

.1. Overall look and trend:
There is a definite movement of bringing back the Old into the Now.  Think 70’s Classic Retro with lots of glamour, mixed with rich fabrics; colour; textures and metals.  It’s high-end; elegant and glamorous!

.2. Furniture:
Contemporary clean lines are still in, however now introducing a retro 70’s classic look. Furniture pieces have interest added to them in their fabric selections and finishing touches ( i.e.: stitching detail; sofa legs; shapes; sizing; materials ).  Not only did this 70’s classic retro look stand out at the show, but additional was the shaping in furniture which I found very interesting.  Lots of curves, whether this be shown in the overall outline structure of the piece;  small arm detail or curved back detail.  You will also see classic furniture pieces making a return, for e.g.: Classic bentwood dining chair.  Trend is taking a “twist on the classics”

.3. Colour:
The 2 main colour trends for 2016 are Soft Pink and Emerald Green.  These 2 colours were brought through on almost every stand!  The soft pink is the main 2016 colour trend setter this year – ” this color is so feminine it’s almost masculine”.  The two used together mixed with rich materials ( fabrics; wood; metals; marble ) of velvets; walnut wood; brass and marble is a perfect recipe for this trend!

.4. Lighting:
Once again, its classic and its retro!  Materials been used are of clear glass; white glass; black metal and brass.  These elements will follow through in all light fittings this year.  Design wise its classic retro with a modern twist.  Keeping it simple yet effective!

.5. Flooring:
The overall look on floors is very classic, bringing the old back.  For hard floors we will still see oak wood herringbone; bringing back black & white tiles and introducing the “Moroccan” / “Turkish” tiles or style effect in a vinyl application.  For your bedrooms for wall to wall, its carpeting that is thick; lush and neutral.  If you looking for a wow factor look into your loose lay rugs for creative designs; colours; and make up blend.

.6. Materials:
This glamorous elegant trend we are seeing this year will bring us into an interesting mix of materials, which will be classic and rich.  In fabrics we will see lots of lush velvets; tweeds; classic geometric designs ( e.g.: trellis design)  and large oversized prints in bright colours or in black and white only ( prints been printed on base cloths of linens or velvet ).  Metal lovers will see rose gold taking a back seat, and brass taking the lead.  Natural stones of marble are still in, but we will see it even more this year  – with lots of white and especially green marble. Woods will be your rich walnuts and oak, some cabinetry works will even add a sense of fun to them with an accent colour; motif detail or interesting handles.

I hope you have enjoyed my pointers, in addition I have added in some “snap-its” for you to capture my experience at Maison et Object 2016!

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