The name of the book originates from the Khoi language, meaning butterfly. This is also the theme of the book, the journey of the catterpillar to the cocoon and transforming into a butterfly. It is a self-published book. 

I chose the name Awures to create awareness for the language. It was spoken by the First Nation of South Africa. 

What makes this book unique? 

The fact that it is practical. The reader can immediatly start to apply what is written inside the book. The character or superhero is unique because it is the only superhero whose superpowers are positive characteristics. It is a great tool to use to boost self-esteem, help with mental health and to cultivate a positive mindset. 
The book also makes use of affirmations, which is a great habit 

What is the book about? 

It is about a little girl called Îsa (this is the Khoi word for beautiful), who had a bad day at school. Her friends made fun of her. She comes home and tells her mother about her day at school. Her mother proceeds to tell her about this superhero called Awures. Awures uses affirmations to activate her superpowers. This leads to her blocking out all the negativity and only focussing on the positives. Îsa’s mother told her that she had the potential to become like Awures. So Îsa started her journey of becoming like Awures. 

What is the inspiration behind the book? 

Firstly, my wife. I was inspired on how she went through the process of transformation on her personal journey and the woman she became. Secondly, my daugther, I wanted to leave something behind which she can use to guide and assist her in becoming a great woman. Thirdly, the youth (girls in my community). While working in both primary and high schools, I saw how they struggled with mental health, self esteem and self worth issues. So I wanted to give them something that can help and empower them as they face these challenges.

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