When a couple is about to tie the knot, there is a splendour in the air of joy and romance for both the couple and their loved ones. It is a season that comes with a lot of planning and preparation. The air is enveloped by love and romanticism. But the idea of finding the perfect gift that is both fitting and sentimental for the bridal party can be rather quite daunting. For most brides, the gifts are an integral part of the festivities leading up to the wedding. For those that will be doing the gifting, it becomes the part of the bridal shower that has them scratching their heads.  

Fear not, as Gifting services expert Elsebe Koorsen from The Luxe Box says “Most brides-to-be tend to appreciate gifts that have been specifically crafted or bought with them in mind. Gifts that are personalised imply that one has taken time and made efforts to ensure that the gift is meaningful. Thinking through a gift does not, however, mean that the gift has to be over the top or stretch one’s budget beyond what can be afforded. It is the thought that ultimately counts.”  

With this in mind, here are some gift suggestions that are bound to make any bride-to-be enjoy her party:

·         Personalized gift boxes with champagne and branded champagne glasses

Nothing says celebration quite like their favourite sparkling champagne, enjoyed from glasses that have been branded with the couple’s initials. The bride-to-be will get to toast to the pending new beginning in style. The personalised touch makes this a well thought out celebratory gift that helps the bride-to-be usher in a new chapter of her life. With the prospects of many more toasts to be made in the future.

·         Personalized branded t-shirts for bridal party

Every woman wants her bridal shower to be as memorable as all the other joyous moments that come with a wedding. Ensuring that a bride-to-be gets the best bridal party is crucial for any friend or family member of the bride. The idea of themed bridal parties continues to be a major trend. One aspect that can make a bridal party special for any bride is branded t-shirts that either have the bride and grooms’ initials on them, a picture of the couple or even the slogan “Bridal Squad” on them.  

·         Silk Bathrobes (embroided)

Much like the branded t-shirts, this gift makes a bridal party so much more special. It can enhance the mood and feel of the shower. This is also a gift that works well during themed bridal showers

You could take this a step further by gifting the couple with bathrobes as well for their wedding, as this is one of the ultimate honeymoon gifts; the couple will appreciate a gift that is both comfortable and personalised. Nothing says for his and her than bathrobes that are well fitted and, in the colour that the couple loves. 

·         Branded cosmetic bags

A cosmetics bag is essential for any woman. This sort of gift is perfect for women that travel   extensively and also have a keen interest in make-up and other beauty products. 

·         Organic beauty products

Organic products are an ideal gift because of how good they can be for people with sensitive skin or conditions. They are also essential for women who like natural products. They are fresh and earthy.

Bridal showers are meant to be fun, relaxed and calming. A bride-to-be gets to experience what it is like to be the center of attention which ultimately helps ensure that she is ready for her big day.

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