One sure thing that provides protection against the stresses and strains of modern life is, indeed, a good sense of humour. Psychologists regard it as a highly desirable social skill which can turn life into a much more pleasant and positive experience. Apparently even Mahatma Gandhi said something to the effect of ‘If I did not have a good sense of humour, I would long have given up’.

The ability to laugh at ourselves, in good times and bad, is an admirable gift, and one that should be nurtured in the same way as you nurture, for example, your skinby practicing a good skincare regime using vaseline intensive care daily. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that laughter boosts physical and emotional health, so make time for that chuckle – it’s good for you! In many parts of the world one can now join online yoga laughing classes where people gather on the internet merely to laugh. What is interesting is that the laughers laugh at nothing at all. The leader of the group simply starts laughing out loud, and the effect is so infectious that everybody naturally starts laughing along. As the one yoga instructor said: Just imagine, if you can learn to laugh at nothing at all, how much easier it is to laugh at something!’

We all know that different people find different things funny, but unless you know the person or persons – and particularly their senses of humour – extremely well, steer clear of jokes that can be offensive. A general rule is to avoid jokes of a sexual, religious, racial or political nature. Once a deep level of understanding is reached – such as between intimate life partners – you may occasionally decide to throw caution to the wind in the knowledge that you partner or dearest friend will understand that you are merely making fun and are not denigrating anyone’s place or status in life.

And then, here’s the really great news: women are as much attracted to a well-groomed man that never forgets to use a good moisturiser as they are to his sense of humour. Imagine the difference it will make if you are able to turn potentially negative incidents into a light-hearted moment with your own brand of humour? Making a lighthearted remark instead of a fuss when things go wrong will always relieve embarrassment – and you will come out smelling of roses every time. 

Never was there a quote truer than this: ‘A person without a sense of humour is like a wagon without springs – he will be jolted by every pebble along the way.” So next time you’re sitting in the traffic, instead of fuming, try laughing. You’ll be doing your mind and your body both a wonderful favour. Ha, ha!

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