The benefits of setting aside time for a date night with your partner are obvious: uninterrupted time together, a focus on communicating better, and a welcome break from the daily routine. The experts agree that women who spend time with their partner every week are four times happier than women who don’t, while men who do so are 2.5 times happier than their friends who don’t.

But what happens if it’s just not possible to go out for a date night? Budgets may be tight, or the babysitter may have cancelled at the last minute, or you just don’t feel like the mission of heading out. Here are five ideas for at-home date nights to get you started – remember to still make an occasion of it by creating the space for your date night special. 

1.    Make date night a movie night! Find your favourite movies from your childhood or from the years you first met your partner and break out the popcorn and watch these nostalgic films together.

2.    Couples that play together stay together! Play a game together, whether you hijack the kids’ consoles or dust off the board games for some fun competition. You could even have loads of fun with a deck of cards and some imaginative rewards and penalties for winning and losing.

3.    Have a picnic at home – either in your garden or in your lounge in a space cleared by moving the furniture. Order your favourite food for delivery and set it up just like you would for an outdoor picnic – but with all your finest cutlery and crockery for a properly posh take on an outdoor favourite.

4.    Indulge in your own spa session at home – even something as simple as a manicure or hand massage will connect you with your partner if either of you is nervous about a full facial or massage. Bring out the bubble bath, light some candles, and share a bath together too, for even more pampering time.

5.    Try a new hobby together. The internet makes all things possible with thousands of ‘how to’ videos available for free, and with a little planning or some careful online shopping, you could learn to paint, bake, cook, or even knit and crochet together! With Olympian Tom Daly’s knitting masterpieces proved that crafting is certainly not gender specific, learning new skills together is a great way to connect.

The most essential part of any date night, however, is the food! One of the best reasons for going out together for a meal is that neither of you must cook or wash the dishes. Make your date night at home even better by ordering in food from a service like Bolt Food.

Bolt Food delivers from a wide range of restaurants in Cape Town and is set to open in Johannesburg soon too, with its delivery fees lower than many other similar services. Even better than having your food delivered for your date night is that you’ll be helping your food courier earn an income – and you’ll be supporting your favourite restaurants, too, from the comfort of your own home!

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