If you’re engaged and planning your wedding then you’ll know that it can be stressful. Your wedding is a big deal and expectations are high but that’s only one day of your life. It might be the best day of your life (and we hope it is) but the rest of your life should be happy too. In order to make sure your life together with your spouse is smooth sailing, especially when rough seas approach, you must sort out your marriage admin.


There’s a lot to consider, including the most mundane tasks of visiting Home Affairs to change your surname (if that’s what you’ve decided) on your ID document, passport and then off to the traffic department for your driver’s license. It’s a mission to say the least. However, out of all the things you simply must do there are two administrative tasks that you cannot put off once you’re married.


Have you got cover?

This means all types of insurance. Life brings with it unexpected situations that’ll leave you dumbfounded. If you’re planning on having children then you’re in for even more of a rollercoaster ride. You must make sure that you have various insurance policies in place. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a new home you’re going to need life cover in order to gain bond approval. Different types of life insurance will also cover your financial commitments and provide for your spouse if you are unable to continue work because you’ve taken ill or should you pass away. If you work in an industry that is volatile or you’re a commission earner then taking out income protection is beneficial – if you lose your job, the company falls in disrepute or the industry fails, then you’ll be covered for a while allowing you to find a new job. Similarly, you must ensure you have a comprehensive health plan in place. Be truthful about your health to both your partner and medical insurance provider especially about chronic illnesses in your family that might be hereditary. Make sure your health plan covers all critical illnesses and chronic medication.


Set up your savings

You swore your life to your partner and your plan is to spend your days happy and in love until you’re old and senile. That’s a wonderful sentiment. The way to make sure that happens is to have an idea of your joint short term and long term goals. Inevitably achieving those goals means saving up cash. It’s a good idea to create a table of goals that you and your spouse have for the near and distant future and begin putting money towards each. This could be as simple as setting up a retirement annuity policy or setting up an interest bearing savings account. While this money is being put away with specific reasons this is also the money that’s going to assist you greatly should things go awry and you need extra financial help. Saving together is wise but if you’re in a relationship which is open and realistic you could settle on saving individually for the personal goals you want to achieve. Sometimes things don’t work out as expected and having your savings can greatly assist you if you decide to go your separate ways. However, never ever keep this from your partner. Rather be upfront about your savings and when the time comes to head on your dream overseas vacation, buy the new 4X4 or start your own business there will be a level of transparency and independence present.

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