Many people believe that long-distance relationships will never work. Others still believe it’s just not worth the hassle. But there are those who see it as necessary. They’ve met someone who they feel a connection with. They feel that it’s worth putting in the extra effort it takes to keep the relationship going.

One scenario could be that you’re in a long-term relationship and one of you gets a promotion at work which involves a move to another city. The other has a stable job at a workplace they love and can’t see themselves moving away. Another scenario could be that you meet someone and feel that connection, only to find out the other person lives in an entirely different city or even country.

And, in both of those situations, it’s important that you have a couple tips and tricks up your sleeve to make long distance work. Here are six of them.


Avoid excessive communication

It’s essential that even when you’re living in different cities or counties that you continue as usual. If you only spoke on the phone once a day before, continue doing that. If you spoke throughout the day, do that. It’s important that long distance doesn’t add an extra element of pressure to your days. You’re only going to exhaust yourselves.


But do communicate regularly and effectively

Be conscious of how you do communicate. Greet each other each morning and night. Update each other on the moments, the highs and lows, of your lives. Technology has made this all so much easier. A few years ago, you might have had to write letters to one another. Now you can text, email, send videos and voice notes, and voice chat. All of that will make you feel like you’re in the room with your partner, even though they might be on the other side of the world.


Talk dirty to each other

Your feelings of desire toward your partner are what will keep your relationship alive. It’s important that you fan the flames of your desire by keeping things interesting. And not much will fan those flames more than sending dirty texts. You could explain in detail what you’d like to do to them the next time you see each other. You could tell them how you’re fantasising about them while using sex toys. And then, when you next see one another, you can demonstrate exactly how that looked.


Avoid “tempting” situations

There are some situations which might just end up with you doing something you shouldn’t. This might be a seemingly casual trip to a nearby bar after work with colleagues. Be sure to tell your partner your plans so they don’t hear about it later and wonder why you didn’t mention it. Or it might be a more intentional slip-up like hanging out with your office crush or meeting up with a former fling. Those are both very tempting situations. And long distance could be the thing that makes these that much more difficult to avoid.


Do things at the same time

Recommend books and movies, music and videos to one another. Watching and listening to things at the same time will give you different topics to discuss. Keeping the conversation going is essential to keep you both interested in one another. And this creates common interests and experiences even though you’re living apart.


Make visits to each other

Visits are the highlight of every long-distance relationship. And another way to make this even more thrilling is to always meet up somewhere new and exotic. Let’s say one of you is living in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg. Meet up in Durban or somewhere along the Garden Route. You’ll be able to enjoy the planning process and discuss your feelings of excitement during the lead-up to the trip. And afterwards, you’ll be able to reminisce about how special and memorable your time together was. Not just because you (finally) were able to see each other. But also because you were able to experience something new together.

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