Planning a wedding takes months of preparation. It’s a juggling act and the pressure is on to make sure everything is absolutely perfect by everyone’s standards. It’s no small feat. And, then the big day comes and you’re happily married and in love. This state of elation is likely to last a long while after your wedding. However, eventually life will return to a state of normalcy and you’ll find you have a bit of admin to take care of that’s lingering from all your celebrations.


Here’s what you need to do once your big day has come and gone.


Get it all cleaned and preserved

Many people keep their wedding attire so have yours cleaned and seen to immediately. You can have your dress preserved by either purchasing a preservation kit or contacting a wedding dress preservation specialist. This is how you keep your gorgeous gown clean and beautiful for years to come. If you had your shoes treated specially for the big day then you can have these preserved too. However, your groom’s suit might be something he could wear again so it’s best to have it dry-cleaned as soon as possible. As far as men’s shoes go, he’ll certainly don them again, probably to the next wedding you’re guests at.


Send out your thank you’s to your vendors and suppliers

You send out thank you’s to your guests and those who bought you presents so you should treat your vendors and suppliers the same way. They turned your wedding into a magical dreamland and made it sparkle so you should say thank you. Best way thank them? Give them a great review on social media and on their website.


Exchange the bad gifts

Often newlyweds end up with duplicate wedding gifts. Even when you set up a registry there are some guests who’ll stray from the norm and purchase you something they’ve picked out and it’ll be a duplicate or something you simply don’t like. If you find yourself in this situation, return the gifts or exchange them as soon as possible for something that’s useful. You won’t have this option available to you forever so the sooner the better. Also, be clever about the new stuff you purchase – if you’re missing a part of a set or there was something you were really hoping for then use the return policy to get what you need.

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