A wedding day is one of the most celebrated occasions. Not only bringing together two families but also close friends and family to share in all the festivities. For decades the little girls’ idea of a dream wedding has been set in the comfort of their family homes, towns and cities. However this has over the years changed, as destination weddings hundreds of kilometres away have gained momentum and popularity. 

Couples all over the world are choosing to mark the beginning of their forever in stunning and distinctive ways. Each couple wanting to have a unique identity and experience which speaks solely to them.

So, if you are planning a wedding and have been hearing the buzz around destination weddings, lets’ have a look at some of the advantages of this fast-growing trend.

Reduced wedding planning timeline: we all know how time-consuming planning a wedding can be, especially with hectic work schedules. Plan a destination wedding and cut the timeline down to under a year by selecting a destination that offers wedding packages and planning services, providing you with a customised and exclusive experience.

Combine your wedding and honeymoon: it’s a relief knowing that once you say ‘I do’ there’s no need to hurry out and catch a flight to your honeymoon, you are already at your honeymoon destination. You can spend a good week enjoying the scenery and luxuries where it all began.

Manageable guests list: one of the greatest traditional weddings tips is to always over cater rather than under cater, just in case that one or two odd guests arrive. Guess what? There’s no need to worry about this for a destination wedding, because only your nearest and dearest are in attendance. 

Minimalistic décor: you are already at a beautiful destination, with natural décor and sun-kissed lighting, all you have to do is focus on looking impeccable.


Child-friendly: here’s an interesting fact, an estimated 88% of destination weddings have children in attendance. This is because guests are easily able to turn this into a 2in1 deal, particularly at resorts which also cater to children’s entertainment needs.

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