You’re planning your wedding and you’ve ticked all the boxes. Think you can sit back and relax now? Think again! Truly unforgettable weddings days are all about carefully considered personal touches. So, without further ado, we’ve scoured the globe for the latest international wedding trends to ensure you’re up-to-date and ready to rock bridal style…


Do it your way! 

One of the best ways to share just about anything and especially your journey as a couple is using your choice of food and drinks to tell your love story. Whether you infuse some of the flavours of your culture into the dishes, select dishes that are reminiscent of where you fell in love or opt for delicate food and wine pairings that celebrate the best of local, creating a custom menu is about as on-trend as you can get. Just take a peek at the recent wedding celebration of our very own gastronomic super star, Jan-Hendrick van der Westhuizen. After all, nothing says wedding success better than the perfect gourmet pairing à la our Michelin-star chef! Copious amounts of Moët & Chandon champagne, ciders, buchu beers and organic wines paired with canapés such as pampoenkoekies with cinnamon sugar, aubergine caviar with Huguenot cheese and roasted macadamia nuts, smoked Franschhoek trout with salmon caviar on a squid ink crisp. “We wanted to show off our heritage and have things we love as well as things that made us who we are,” says Jan Hendrick.


Sensory experiences galore

Peace of mind on your big day means keeping your guests engaged, especially those that don’t really know each other – yet. How about foraging local seasonal ingredients and pairing these with fine wine and champagne, uniquely presented on retro drinks trolleys? This trend is all about embracing the farm-to-table movement – something places like Babylonstoren in Franschhoek do so well. A sure-fire way to keep your wedding guests mingling and entertained is by luring them to toast with an array of interactive food and wine experiences!


A Pop of Metallic Colour

Bringing together your ultimate look on the day is paramount and almost as important as finding the perfect dress. Your accompanying scent, hair and make-up all need to be right. Adding a beautiful shoe, with a pop of colour to offset the soft romantic hues of your dress, is so hot right now and sure to draw attention on the day. We love the gold metallic leather sandal by Gucci, perfect to send heads spinning!


Let them drink champagne! 

One of the trends gaining traction right now is the notion that less is more. Gone are the days of rich cakes, dripping with sweet icing and causing more than a few waistline regrets! Even on Pinterest, food and drink pairings have seen a 60 percent increase in the search field. So why not save on the sweet treats and spoil your guests with champagne instead? And the trendiest way to present your bubbles right now? A champagne tower. Imagine layers of carefully arranged saucer-shaped champagne ‘coupes’ in a crystal-clear pyramid with a solitary top glass. If you’re looking for inspiration take your lead from world leading champagne Maison Moët & Chandon who offer brides serving their fabulous champagne a custom-made champagne pyramid. Now that’s serious wedding glam!


Naturally high

As technology makes its way into the wedding space, we can’t get enough of drone photography and footage to take those wedding memories to new heights. Capture every detail, from the naughty escapades of your best man, to that first dance you made him practice over and over and over again, all from a bird’s eye perspective. More entertainment for your guests, more fun and great memories captured for you!


Accessories fit for a Queen

In addition to the champagne pyramid, a little bird also just told us that Moët & Chandon has released also set of bespoke wedding essentials for love birds. You can expect bracelets for your bridesmaids to accompany the gift of Moët & Chandon champagne and cuff links for your better half, a personalised Moët & Chandon magnum ‘guest book’ for guests to sign on the day, a champagne tower and so much more, depending on availability. Contact Moët Hennessy Private Sales Manager Xolani Mancotywa: or #084 614 7997.


So if you are gearing up to be the most glamorous bride on the block, we hope we’ve made your task a tad easier with these fabulous trends. You’re welcome!


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