Many could question what loyal love means, whether it still exists, if it ever did? The response to this would probably means it is relevant to those who have experienced love in a loyal manner or to some it may just be a taboo subject and simply something that they have never experienced.  

The reality of our present world educates or informs us that loyalty is an aspect which is disregarded in society today. With divorce rates at an all time high, trust issues encompassed with hurt and anger, which is adopted by certain families affected by this, seem to be a cause and effect reaction. 

If I have never experienced or seen loyalty in my family, with my parents or grandparents, how am I able to project this in the relationships I encounter myself in.  This could however be untrue for those individuals who have decided for themselves that no matter what they have experienced, irrespective of the disappointment and heartbreak they have experienced growing up, some individuals still nevertheless make the decision that nothing will stand in their way in moving forward in life.


As women, I’m sure we all have a desire to experience loyal love in a relationship with our spouses and special friends.  However, as much as we would strive to that appreciation, it may not always be possible as a reciprocal feeling between those involved in a relationship.  Sometimes the other partner may just not be that committed or perhaps has experienced so much hurt in the past that they have built a wall around their heart and in turn developed feelings which may hamper them from being loyal.  It’s important in maintaining that relationship to establish the levels of loyalty between the two individuals involved.  Talk to each other about what your past experiences have been like and if there are issues of loyalty with regards to love, find ways in which that can be healed in order to allow the relationship to reach a mutually desired place. 

It is almost important for us to take into consideration that peoples level of loyalty are affected by their outlook on life as well as that which they have experienced.  Taking this into consideration, at times we need to take a step back and reflect on how you as an individual would feel if you were that person.  How would I handle the situation, yet at the same time considering that people deal differently with certain things that have affected them in life?

Personally, I think that loyalty in love can be reciprocal if you are able to express your loyalty to that special someone in a way in which they have not experienced before.  In that way they are able to learn and consider what it means to return loyalty to those that care about them.

Let’s make a pact to be loyal in love!



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