“Liefde begin eers in my” or “Love begins first in me” sings my special friend and nightingale songwriter Nianell. There are so many words that speak volumes directly to my soul from Nia’s collection of songs over the years.

Some of the lines that resonate from various different works are: “Life’s gift to me is just to be”, “If you can see it you can be it”, “Life has invited me, I’m going to dance” and “Miracles happen to those who believe”.

I cannot listen to any of Nianell’s angelic tracks with dry eyes. Her lyrics touch a chord so deep within, that the divine is stirred and awakened in the centre of my being.

The reason that “Liefde begin eers in my” resonates so strongly, is because LOVE is the reason we are. It needs to be the reason we live, the reason we get out of bed in the morning, the reason we do whatever we do.

We need to have love as the centre theme of our lives. Love is our inspiration. Love is what drives us to improve ourselves, to seek partnership, to better our relationships, to help others, etc.

How do we love? We start with ourselves. To really love yourself warts, cellulite and all, is to have humility and recognise your flaws. It is to forgive the imperfect person you see before yourself and to say: “I am beautiful just because I am. I am worthy of love just because I am. In all my imperfections I am absolutely loved. I love me without judgement or unkind recriminations. I open myself to love. I am love.”

It is when we reach this honest place of unconditional love without prejudice or self judgement, that we can truly surrender ourselves to our highest will for ourselves and for all mother earth. You see when we love ourselves unconditionally we let go of ego. Love of self is not vanity as we have been so conditioned to believe. Love of self is total humility and acceptance of our inherent flaws and weaknesses. Self love overlooks its areas of weakness and rather focuses on honing its strengths for the benefit of all.

There is immense power in LOVE. Love is the creative energy that gave birth to each one of us. It is the driving force that powers us to keep going and striving to evolve into more enlightened beings.

When each one of us recognises our inherent godly natures and delves within to source that bottomless well of universal love, we strengthen the fibre of ourselves, our relationships, our societies and the universe in which we live.

What finer thread can we weave into the majestic tapestry of life than the thread of one who is self loved, loving and kind? And when we do, let’s witness the miracle that unfolds before our eyes.


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