Progression is not always met with acceptance. Sometimes the odd feelings that come with changing culture must be fought and hope must flare in the darkest of unexplored corners.  


A man and woman are sitting in a restaurant. The atmosphere is light and brilliant, full of happiness and comfort. The waiters and waitresses are kind and steadfast. The scenery is lovely. Everything is going right. Then, the bill arrives.


The man begins to pull out his wallet, a natural response for him. What he doesn’t expect is the woman to pull out hers as well. She grins knowingly at his confusion, his eventual opposition for what she wants to do. Her goal? To pay for the both of them. The two will debate but both sides will remain adamant. Let’s pause this vision and ask a question. Why are the two people doing what they’re doing?


For the man’s case, the possible drive force behind his thought process could be tradition and faith his ability to be there for the people in his life. This is his date, a woman he respects and wants to take care of. For hundreds of years it has been this way. The male is supposed to take care of the female. It’s a gentleman’s duty. Isn’t it?


For the woman’s case, there is also a possible drive force fueling the divergence of her thought process. Apart from specific details, examples such as paying off a debt or remembering a previous favor, she can be opting for two things. One, she can be exercising her independence. That yes, she too can take care of her date. A second, she has the simple desire to pay the bill regardless of the situation.


What’s significant is both persons giving each other the floor for presenting their arguments. Below the opposing sides is acknowledgment that both are able to take care of the other. Regardless of how the situation turns out, the necessary key point to absorb is the idea of a woman being able to take on the role of the protector as well. The idea that she doesn’t always have to be taken care of. The chivalry can exist and for some people, it’s a requirement in their partners. However, a woman paying the bill for a date doesn’t need to be seen as a foreign action or a way to undermine her partner. It could be a simple logical thing.

An efficient step towards equality.

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