Q&A with Dr John Demartini – human behaviour specialist


  • Why is the company we keep is so important to our happiness?  

The people we associate with, along with our choice of perceptions can impact how we think and feel about our lives and how far we are willing to stretch our creative and active capacities. If the people we associate with are perceived to be great leaders, they can inspire us to pursue even greater achievements. If they are perceived to be highly knowledgeable in a particular field, they can assist us in expanding our knowledge and efficiency. If they are perceived to be wealthy, they can initiate from within us greater saving and investment strategies. The people we spend time with can raise or lower our bar and the playing field in which we live our lives in. If we spend time with people we perceive to be high achievers, we will probably achieve more in life than if we hang out with people who have great doubt about their capacities. By hanging out with great people, we can awaken our greatness which can inspire through exemplification great aspirations in others. It is wiser to stand on the shoulders of giants than to live in the shadows of others.    


  • How can we spot a relationship that is negatively impacting our happiness?

 If we fill our days with high priority actions that inspire us and that add meaning to our lives, we tend to expand our self-worth and raise our levels of efficiency and achievement. The more aligned we are to what is truly most important to us, the more resilient and adaptable we are to those who might attempt to challenge us. Our fulfilment is not determined solely by others, but by our perceptions, decisions and actions. If we surround ourselves with those that we feel inspired by, we can increase our probability of living an inspired life. It is easy to say no to those that attempt to project their agendas on us, or criticise us and try to distract us from our primary mission, or those who seek to emotionally blackmail us when we are intensely focused on what is most meaningful and productive to our lives. Just like we are wise to prioritise our daily actions, it is wise to prioritise the people we associate with daily.    


  • What is your advice to live a happy and contented life? 

Identify what you truly value, that which is most important and meaningful in your life and fill your days with it. In other words, prioritise your daily actions and say no to anything less than that which allows you to produce the greatest results, productivity, service, profits or fulfilment each day. Find your highest value niche of service and master it. If you don’t fill your day with that which inspires you and greatly serves others, it will fill up with those distractions that don’t. Value yourself by living congruently and the world will value you as your reflection. Pay yourself, invest in yourself, plan for yourself, allow yourself to make a difference in the world and give yourself permission to do something extraordinary. Become a master of your destiny more than a victim of your past by perceiving things on your way more than in your way.  


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