The Seasons Top Bridal Lingerie From Inner Secrets Lingerie


Bridal lingerie is an intimate accessory, and plays an important role in defining the overall look of a bride on her wedding day. Whether it be worn underneath the dress as a one piece, two piece or in the form of corsets and shape wear, lingerie helps define the shape and placement of a brides wedding gown. 



Transcending from the day well into the night, bridal lingerie is one of the most important purchases next to the wedding dress. From conservative & feminine to sexy & provocative, Inner Secrets Lingerie, has compiled the top bridal lingerie items for the season, including the brand spanking new SPANX lace bridal range! 

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Inner Secrets Lingerie prides itself in its service excellence and our sales consultants are very knowledgeable and highly trained in fitting and corsetry. But most importantly our ethos is the beauty and diversity of a woman and she will leave our store feeling pampered, uplifted and unique.

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