Taking South Africa to Swaziland

Whilst travelling abroad is always a fun option, South African families do not need to go very far to enjoy both tranquility and adventure over the holidays. Whether it be mountainous scenery or adrenaline pumping activities, The Kingdom of Swaziland offers wonderful experiences for any visitor, making it a holiday to remember.

With the number of public holidays and long weekends coming up in March and April, Swaziland offers a safe and accessible international family holiday destination, with a unique African flair. The Kingdom offers a range of affordable and quality accommodation options to suit your budget and style and there are many wonderful activities available to keep the kids busy during their stay.

For the ultimate Swaziland family experience, combine practical accommodation with adventure and education, with an overnight stay in one of the many traditional beehive huts located around the Kingdom.  The huts can be used as an adventurous and cultural alternative to the many traditional tented campgrounds available in Swaziland.  For those who prefer the comforts of home, book a weekend in one of the Kingdom¹s luxury huts, which have been converted into comfortable double, or twin rooms, complete with electricity, en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning.

Majority of the Nature Reserves, Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary areas within Swaziland offer the option of comfortable, self-catering accommodation, which allow families to travel within their budget.  From camp grounds to lofted log cabins in the bush, upmarket chalets in the mountains, to luxurious riverside tents on wide wooden decks, self-catering family accommodation can take any form in this diverse destination.

Look to the many local markets in Swaziland to find fresh produce and traditional cuisine and if you cannot find what you need there, Swaziland also boasts a large shopping complex in Mbabane, complete with well-stocked big chain supermarkets.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance and good quality meat and dairy products are readily available at reasonable prices for South African visitors choosing this self-catering option.

For families looking for hotel accommodation, Swaziland does not disappoint.  Whether you choose to stay at any of the internationally renowned hotels or one of the smaller, local hotels and guesthouses, you are guaranteed a comfortable and relaxing stay, regardless of your budget.

A unique, warm and welcoming sense of hospitality awaits you at any of Swaziland’s guesthouses, where a bed and breakfast stay allows the whole family to start the day off with a delicious home cooked meal.  From stylish, upmarket, colonial style properties, to Œhome stays¹ with the members of the community, you are spoiled for choice.

Keeping the kids busy won¹t be a problem. During the summer, the rivers become a floating playground and adventure seekers of all ages are seen gently bouncing down rivers in inflatable tubes, or shooting the rapids in white water rafts.  Mountain biking trails have been established all over Swaziland, including trails through many of the Parks and Reserves, where children are able to cycle along the nature trails, getting up close and personal with the wildlife in the area.  One of the most spectacular ways to see Swaziland is on horseback and outrides through the mountains or plantations are available for all ages and for riders of any level including those who have never ridden before.

Swaziland is conveniently located less than four hours away from Johannesburg and Durban. All South African bank notes are accepted throughout the Kingdom and its currency is linked on a one-to-one basis to the Rand. Although passports are required for travel to Swaziland, visas and vaccinations are not. During April, visitors can look forward to cool weather, low humidity and little to no rain.

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