Just because it’s almost time to get back to work or school doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy summer in South Africa. This warmer season brings with it a heap of fun activities and events. All across the country, there’s something for everyone to see and do. Below is a list of things to consider ticking off your summer to-do list.

  • Sip on some summer cocktails

Is there anything more refreshing than a cool cocktail or mocktail on a hot summer day? In SA, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to enjoy a delicious drink. If you’re looking for ocean views in Cape Town, try Tobago’s at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront. This ocean-side spot is perfect for sundowners. If you’re more of a city person, then pop into RED Rooftop Bar and Terrace in Rosebank for some tasty drinks, or if you’re in the Kruger Park, then the Round in 9 bar at the Kruger Station is the perfect spot to cool off between game drives. 

  • Take a dip in the ocean

If we’re honest, many of us who live on the coast don’t actually go to the beach all that often. We just like to have the option of it. Make this the summer that you enjoy the beaches as often as possible. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, then try Cape Point National Park. There’s a fee to get into the reserve, but once you’re in there, you get to explore everything that this destination has to offer including tidal pools and pristine beaches. 

  • Get an adrenaline rush

South Africa is a paradise for adrenaline junkies. Get your fix jumping off the towers in Soweto, paragliding off Signal Hill in Cape Town, skydiving over remote parts of South Africa, shark cage diving off the coast, river rafting and so much more! 

  • Explore small towns 

The small towns of South Africa have a lot of charm. The people are friendly and there’s a lot to see and do. Clarens, for example,  a small town in the Free State, is a gem of a town that is loved by many locals. There’s a quaint restaurant on almost every corner, along with a deli, bakery and even a brewery. At only 12,68 km² in size, Clarens is truly a small town filled with big flavours and big hearts. There’s also Paternoster in the Western Cape, Pella in the Northern Cape and so many others – too many to mention! 

  • Immerse yourself in local arts, culture and history 

How much do we really know about our own culture, heritage and art? How many local artists can you name? Get more familiar with our local history by enjoying walking tours in various areas and cities. Try finding  music and arts festivals as a way to experience the local art and music scene. There are also many local galleries and cultural centres that are perfect respites from the heat and summer thunderstorms if you’re in the north of the country. Go ahead and learn something new about South Africa and local artists!

  • Experience local food and dining 

South Africa, with its rich and mixed heritage, is known to serve up delicious food almost anywhere you go. And while dining at top local restaurants is a great way to experience good food, locally, it’s not necessarily the best way to explore local flavours. Look for food experiences in local communities such as Bo Kaap in Cape Town where you can learn to fold samosas. Alternatively, take up a cooking class in a small town,eat from the local bakery or farm stall and enjoy South African classics such as roosterbrood, various breedies, pap, wors and so much more. 

  • Enjoy the world from home

Of course, many people are opting to stay home. And that’s 100% ok. If you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself and the family from the comfort of your home, then Airbnb Online Experiences is something you might want to consider. You could learn to cook with someone from Italy, meet giant pandas in China, learn to draw from an artist in the USA or learn about sharks from an SA marine scientist. There is something for everyone to enjoy! 

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