Makeup is necessary. Whether you’re a girly girl, a tomboy, a Kardashian fan or you just need makeup on your face when you go to work, makeup is the plight or pleasure of just about every woman. Every season there are new trends that abound and because of the internet these trends are quickly on hand for all of us to adopt if we want to.


Here are three of the trendiest styles in makeup for the summer season.


Let there be light

No-makeup makeup is a thing. It sounds a little strange but it’s the makeup look that highlights your natural beauty as opposed to enhancing your features. Ultimately you’re looking for a glowy complexion. To achieve this you need a light layer of foundation or tinted moisturiser, filled in brows, some cheek highlighter and bronzer, a swipe of mascara and a dash of tinted lip balm. Everything is applied moderately and if you’d like to define your eyes a bit more make use of a brown eyeliner and apply along the waterline.


If you want to achieve this look for summer then perhaps rehash your skincare routine and make sure you have what you need to make sure your skin is at its best. Nowadays there are so many options to suit every skin type, with skincare for dark skin, light skin, problem skin, sensitive skin and so on and so forth. To ensure a glow make sure you’re using what’s best for you.


Gloss it up

Lipgloss is no longer reserved for your 12 year old sister or daughter. It’s been revived and major cosmetics brands are now introducing glosses that are no longer sticky and uncomfortable to wear. Most of the glosses on the market are now are shiny and tinted and not automatically loaded with shimmer. Make your luscious pout stand out but pairing a gorgeous tinted gloss with some rosy cheeks and a lick of winged black eyeliner.


Correct your colour

Have you seen those palettes of pastel colours that look like concealer but they’re green and pink, sometimes yellow and silver. Those are colour correcting palettes and they’re really handy when you need a flawless skin look. It might seem intimidating at first but the colours are the opposite of your skin blemishes. For instance, the green is applied (like a concealer) to red blemishes, the pink to the dark circles under your eyes, the yellow covers up acne scars and the silver is a highlighter. You then apply your foundation over the corrective colours and you’ll find yourself with flawless looking skin. This is ideal for a fancy night out filled with photo opportunities for social media because why else would you dress up, right?

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