South African jeweller Black Betty has welcomed a coveted international jewellery trend to local shores. Nicknamed ‘zapping’ by Black Betty founder Kristin Weixelbaumer, the trend sees a chain permanently (and delicately) ‘welded’ around the wearers arm, neck or ankle.  Kristin says that it’s a ‘forever piece’ for those people that are not shy of stylish commitment and they’ve seen an influx of locals interested in trying the new trend, made famous on TikTok. 

 “We’re inviting customers to choose from a collection of 9kt gold, rose gold or silver fine chains, then sit with our experienced jewellers to ensure a perfect custom fit. Once fitted, the chain is welded, with a micro touch, to form a seamless infinite loop around your wrist, ankle or neck.”

 If you are looking to adorn a different part of the body, Black Betty also offers highly coveted piercings with their Ear Candy Collection, a service which includes exclusive curation advice from expert piercers and jewellers based on your unique ear anatomy. If you haven’t seen the latest in ear stacking trends, you’re surely missing out.

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*The Zapping service is available at the Hout Street Store, CT or Parkhurst Store, JHB – By appointment only

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