Known for its game-changing, miracle-working dry shampoo, COLAB is a haircare brand that uses specially developed formulas to transform your hair from the ‘just got out of bed’ look, to a style that will leave people wondering what salon you have stepped out of. With an original formula, COLAB has engineered a dry shampoo that allows any excess oil and grease to be absorbed from your scalp, amplifying your hair’s natural body and bounce, and leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated look wherever you are without having to step into the shower. 

When on the go, we don’t always have the time and energy to do a full haircare routine while preparing for the workday or prepping between the beach and sunset cocktail hour, and that’s okay! Everyone has had those days when our normal haircare routines are disrupted. Now you can remain fresh, presentable, and clean, even on the busiest of schedules, using a dry shampoo which delivers an innovative and modern way of saving time, and with COLAB, the results are as good as a real shower shampoo, if not better.

Key Benefits of COLAB dry shampoos:

  • Dry shampoo is weightless, invisible after brushing and needs no water for application, meaning you can shampoo anytime and anywhere
  • COLAB products are cruelty-free and vegan, showing they care, in support of animal rights and the environment and you
  • With multiple awards for its safe, matchless and high-quality products, including the 2019 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards and the 2020 Beauty Bible Awards, COLAB is recognised as a leading brand for a modern lifestyle.
  • Their dry shampoos come in a variety of delectable fragrances to suit your needs and your mood.

The new COLAB Dry Shampoo + Refresh & Protect 200ml (RSP R88.95) is perfect for Summer, providing you with the ultimate hair protection against UV rays and pollution while making your head of hair smell amazing all holiday long. 

This remarkable 6-in-1 product is developed with AromaGuard technology that fights off any unpleasant odours and gives off its own enticing passion fruit and moringa seed scent. This fragranced product not only smells delicious, but it absorbs excess oil and completely refreshes your hair too. Perfect for busy bodies that are on the run, all you do is apply it to your hair, brush through and voila, you’re a whole new woman with a bouncy head of hair. 

  • UV protection
  • Pollution protection
  • AromaGuard scent
  • Cares for your scalp
  • Lightly conditions
  • Refreshes hair

Dry Shampoo + Overnight Renew  200ml (RSP R88.95) another new and innovative product that uses the beneficial ingredients of tonka, amber, pink clay, eucalyptus, and lavender oil, all combined in one incredible spray. The calming properties of the oils allow you to relax and sleep well, waking up to sweet-smelling, revitalised hair that looks like a dream all day.

The pink clay in this dry shampoo provides your hair with an overnight detox, conditioning and moisturising the scalp while removing any excess oil, while you sleep. A simple spray before going to bed allows these ingredients to work their magic so that when you wake up, you’re met with a totally new and improved head of hair. Don’t be put off by the slight white residue you see after application, this fades completely while you happily dream the night away. 

COLAB understands that women are independent, powerful and on-the-go, and have made it their mission to provide help wherever they can. That’s why COLAB products are quick, affordable, safe to use. 

Live your life to the fullest, assured in the knowledge that your everyday hair is happy, refreshed and healthy too.

COLAB products retail for RSP R88.95 and are available at Clicks stores.

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