If you’re a woman struggling with pigmentation you’ll know it’s an ongoing battle. You commit to using an expensive range of products and after months you still don’t see a difference. Or, you have some success and then a few months later it’s the dark marks make their return, often worse than ever before.


If you’re tired of taking one step forward and two steps back then it’s time to take action with something that delivers real, long-lasting results. One such solution is a Dermamelan depigmentation treatment at Skin Renewal.


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A Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment is an in-office peel that can dramatically improve the appearance of hormonal pigmentation (melasma) and the pigmentation that is often triggered by pregnancy but doesn’t go away post-partum (chloasma).


Unlike many other peels that promise to improve pigmentation, a Dermamelan treatment extends beyond the doctor’s office. You’ll also be given a cream to use at home to prevent the dark marks from returning.


After just one week of treatment you’ll see a marked improvement in your skin’s condition and it just becomes more even-toned as the months go on. If you stick with the program, you’ll find that a pigmentation-free complexion can be yours to enjoy.


Lighten up!

A Dermamelan peel has a very high safety margin as it’s performed by a doctor and makes use of proven active ingredients well known for their brightening ability. These include azelaic, kojic and ascorbic acids that exfoliate and lighten by inhibiting certain processes that contribute to the formation of excess pigment.


Immediately after the treatment your skin might look a bit sunburned for two days after the in-office treatment and you might experience a slight itching, mild burning or a tightening sensation if you’re the sensitive type. By the second or third day, you may experience flaking, but you’ll be given an ultra-hydrating product to use whenever necessary to keep your skin feeling comfortable. It’s important that you don’t pull on any of the flakes or attempt to exfoliate them away. Let the peel run its course and once the flaking it done, you can return to wearing make-up. This is usually day three or four. You’ll notice your skin has a newfound glow and you’re your pigmentation is starting to fade.


Keep on going

One of the main reasons why so many depigmentation treatments fail is that, after treatment, patients don’t realise their skin is even more vulnerable to the triggering effects of the sun. Protecting it from UV exposure while continuing to inhibit the production of melanin is vital to their success.


This is why a Dermamelan treatment doesn’t end when you step out of the office. You will also be given a maintenance cream and a sunscreen with a very high SPF that you’re to use at home for at least six to nine months, although indefinitely would be best. The maintenance cream contains many of the ingredients in the peel, but in a lower concentration. It works by inhibiting the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that plays a role in the formation of melanin.


The bottom line

If you’re tired of trying everything and not getting long-lasting results, make an appointment to chat to one of the doctors at Skin Renewal. If you’re a candidate for a Dermamelan depigmentation treatment, you’ll soon be on the path to winning the war against pigmentation and enjoying an evenly toned, luminous-looking complexion.

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