Introducing Fundamentals Skincare – a brand new local skincare brand that has just opened shop this month in South Africa. Their mantra – having skincare fundamentals does not need to be determined by your wallet. Quality, researched and trustworthy products should be accessible to everyone of all ages and income brackets. 

Over the last 18 months we have been witness to the shift in skincare. People have offered more time to their selfcare, spent more on skincare products and tested out new skincare routines. Much too often, these activities come with a high price tag. 

Fundamentals Skincare, now available on allows everyone to have the fundamental skincare products in their vanity without the high price tag. Premised on integrity and highly researched formulations, the brand aims to debunk common myths about skincare products which lend their voices to believing “A good product has to be expensive. Quality is in the price tag.” This could not be further from the truth. 

Fundamentals Skincare, derived from their name offers quality, guaranteed results, and all the fundamental skincare products you need at a price that is bearable. Keeping with its unique approach to skincare, other benefits include the brand being vegan, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, cosmeceutical grade and proudly South Africa. 

Not only is quality at its core, but so is skincare education. The trick to effective skincare is knowing what type of skin you have and then using the correct products, with the correct ingredients and formulations to accurately treat your skin concerns that is also friendly to your specific skin type. When visiting the Fundamentals Skincare website you will have access to blogs that speak to “Knowing your skin type” and a focus on specific ingredients and its function such as Squalane, among others. 

What’s even more ideal is that on their website you are able to take a skincare questionnaire that is basically a skin type calculator that is enabled to suggest tailor-made suggestions for you based on your personal skin care needs, allowing you to build your perfect custom skin care routine.

Its all about giving your skin the essentials it needs for good health. Fundamentals Skincare currently stocks all your skincare fundamentals in one affordable place. They have an oil cleanser, moisturiser, a sunscreen, a water exfoliator as well as a range of face serums as part of their expanding product range. 

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