Are you still looking for a salon professional hair product to accentuate your luscious wavy, curly and coily hair? One that is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, waxes and mineral oils? One that helps you get the most out of your curls, coils and waves, while nourishing and moisturising your hair?

Then IntrinsiCurly Me is the perfect solution to set your curls free! Locally produced with their MagiCURL formulas, the range is designed to return moisture to your hair. It enhances your natural curl pattern, without weighing it down. This salon professional range was formulated by a South African curly girl for all types of curls. Say hello to frizz-free, gorgeous, healthy and shiny hair.

IntrinsiCurly Me knows curly hair and what it needs! Available online or from their list of stockists. Follow them: @IntrinsiCurlyMe

The IntrinsiCurly Me Nourish Curl Styling Combo includes:

  • IntrinsiCurly Me Come Clean Gentle Cleanser OR Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash 
  • IntrinsiCurly Me The One And Only Creamy Conditioner 
  • IntrinsiCurly Me Creme De La Curl Creme 
  • IntrinsiCurly Me Hold Me Baby Curly Hair Gel (available in 100ml or 250ml) 
  • IntrinsiCurly Me GrowPro Healthy Hair Tonic

And… if you’d like to profile the Founder, Simonne Solarsh, here is some background info:

  • Entrepreneur, Simonne Solarsh, a “Curly Girl”, was in her teens when a hairdresser told her that she will never be able to have shiny, healthy hair. He said that curly hair by nature was dry and dull and that she needed to accept that. He didn’t realise that he was giving this driven young teen a gift and sense of purpose.
  • Fast forward and the seed has grown into a flourishing business called IntrinsiCurly Me.
  • IntrinsiCurly Me is a proudly South African salon professional brand that knows curly hair and what it needs. Their products are made for wavy, curly and coily hair. Their ethos embraces the Curly Girl Method and teaches their “curl-friends” how to get the gorgeous, luscious curls they desire, and deserve. Their tried and tested range and techniques give their customers waves, curls and coils that look healthy and shiny!
  • Only sold online and in professional hair salons, this South African first is recommended by curly hair specialists nationwide.
  • IntrinsiCurly Me products help you get the most out of your curls, coils and waves, as they don’t contain any of the curly-hair-nasties like silicones, sulphates, parabens, waxes or mineral oils.
  • Their products are designed to return moisture to your hair, enhancing your natural curl pattern, without weighing it down. You can expect gorgeous frizz-free results, without the hassle to get them!
  • Embrace your natural hair.
  • Simonne believes wavy, curly and coily hair should be celebrated, instead of being beaten down and damaged by straightening and relaxing. “When you’re always fighting with your natural hair pattern, you’re suppressing your beautiful wild side and who you really are. If you were born with natural curls, a curly girl is who you are intrinsically!”

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