K-Way is 40 years old, or to be more accurate, 14,586 days old! 

In celebration of this massive milestone, and of all of you showing the K-Way products the toughest love imaginable, K-Way has launched an exclusive 40 YEARS STRONG limited-edition clothing collection.

The new launch focuses on how the brand is proudly South African, how quality has always been top of mind over the last four decades for its consumers, and now, K-Way wants to share their four-decade milestone celebration with their friends, family, and fans.

At the K-Way factory in Cape Town, you will find a lot of pride and that is because K-Way products are proudly South African. From a production line, these garments travel across the world. Up mountains, down rivers, across deserts and oceans, keeping our customers warm, cool, and safe. The pride of what the K-Way team does is evident in the details with skilled artisans and cutting-edge technology. From the materials to the stitching, to the design and the testing – this award-winning gear is designed to not let you down when you need it most.

When our customers get outdoors, traveling the world or perhaps exploring the incredible beauty that our own country has to offer, standing on a mountain with a cold wind, or walking a beach with your family on a hot day – know that behind your gear, is another family of proud South Africans. 

Many years ago K-Way set out on an adventure to produce the very best in technical and leisure apparel. Their goal was to ensure that their customers were always sufficiently geared up to face the elements, no matter where they found themselves in the world.

K-Way are now leaders in innovative design, technology, and environmentally-friendly business practices, and proud ambassadors of our South African heritage.

But K-Way is always ready for a new adventure. And they now look forward to celebrating this milestone with everyone!


Get out there, tackle the harsh elements, and test terrain worthy of K-Way’s 40 years of experience in technical adventure gear.

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