Lynné de Jager is no new kid on the block and her creativity, innovation and leadership is making her the ever-trending name in the industry.

 Lynné de Jager is the managing director and SOLE owner of STiKi– the ultra-innovation creative hub producing some of the most talked about accessories in South-Africa. STiki products are the preferred choice of many celebrities and the unique wooden, cork and perspex bowties and all sort of different accessories¹ are regularly seen on television, red carpets and in magazines. I am very excited about the future of STiKi and we are looking forward to a very exciting few months ahead where we will be part of some of the biggest events and projects for 2015, says de Jager. With STiKi branching out, rapidly expanding and de Jager¹s modern creativity, STiKi can offer anything for any occasion, custom made or you can choose from the vast choice of products already available. Lynné de Jager has mastered the art of a laser-vinyl-and silhouette cutter.

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The former Mrs. SA proves that her creativity is never ending with the launch of her nature inspired cork and genuine leather handbag collection – LDJ Collection. Locally produced, the handbag collection of all sizes, proves to be a hot hit with a demanding order list. The unique, first of its sort, cork handbag collection, is fresh and the public and media seem to agree. We took the LDJ Collection to an entire next level, incorporating some colour leather and zips, playing and showing off incredibly well the evergreen texture of cork. It took me two years to get LDJ to the standard it is today and to finally set my vision into motion, but I can undoubtedly say that I am very proud of LDJ Collection, de Jager ads.


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We are proud of the entire Lynné de Jager brand that includes STiKi and LDJ Collection, and we look forward to a productive term ahead with ever-growing ideas ad combined efforts with some of the biggest projects for 2015. Hoping to always deliver with passion, pride and precision.

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