It’s not often one gets to stride in the shoes of top names in the fashion turf. And by the shoes, I mean the full red carpet treatment – a package which includes seating positioned at the coveted front row. On the tranquil evening of Friday the 8th of May, the Red Carpet Fashion Show 2015, organized annually by Red Carpet Concepts, served Ziyanda and I that opportunity. Naturally, we seized the experience.

Upon arrival, we stumbled into prettily plated Mediterranean canapés, teeming trays of champagne and a collage of beautiful faces – the stuff memorable nights are made of.

In the sold out Nitida Wine Estate, guests flocked in, tunefully greeting one another with light pats and the good old ‘fancy seeing you here’ embraces, nippily accompanied by the mandatory exchange of compliments and mild conversations. If ever there was a situation where one needed to be reassured they still ‘had it’, this had to be it. The session came handy in easing the audience into the idea of gazing at mannequin figures ferociously strutting the runway in the nippy Cape Town autumn. Surely everybody present wanted to feel they had delivered an element of chic.

We smiled sheepishly as we gauged our expectations, the event schedule as subtle as Christmas Eve.

The interactions continued to rouse the stately venue. Anticipation was in the air as fashionistas and industry greats posed regally to showcase their efforts on the red carpet. The running theme of avant-garde capes and tribal print scarf-style blankets raucously announced that this audience took their fashion seriously.

As our guessing game was starting to exhaust its options, we were ushered in, a gesture promising to put us out of our misery.

Before long, bouncy beats, camera flashes and lanky models presenting a medley of Whimsical by Nature electrified the intimate room. The designers kept a minimalist slant, with serendipitously wide but colour-wary garments taking centre stage. My metallic dress diligently reconciled with some of the runway looks. Bearing in mind that my high-fashion background is equivalent to that of a nun in a habit, feel unrestricted to imagine how impressed I was with myself.

Live cover performances of pop anthems brought the night to a wistful close. The splendid cascade captured in all its glory from the estate’s courtyard became a sweet remedy for numbing the relentless ache of stiletto heels after the eventful excursion. Our grateful gazes focused keenly as we savoured the last moments of the night in the shoes.


by Zazu Zungu and Ziyanda Phikiso

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