Ever scrolled through the #shelfie hashtag on Instagram? If you are the type that craves impeccably neat and organised bathroom cabinets that are literally bursting at the seam with products for every skin concern – then this hashtag is for you. But…is this reality and do we need an abundance of products to have good skin? 

The answer is No – Kevin Khosa at SKIN functional says that having the ‘it’ skincare cupboard filled with popular beauty brands, with one viral “must-have” after another dominating the online skincare discussions, and a product for every category is not necessary. 

“What we need to know about skincare is that overloading your skin with powerful active ingredients can cause side effects on the skin through misuse. Skincare is about education and therefore skintelligence is very important”.

A new skin trend has people listening. “The tell-tale red, flaky, and sensitive skin is familiar to too many beauty enthusiasts, and it’s given rise to a whole new skincare trend – skinimalism,” says InStyle. 

A tongue-twister indeed but a simple concept – less is more! Skinimalism favours natural beauty, less of the ‘full-bake’ makeup looks and a minimalist approach to glowing and healthy skin. In short, its taking a step back, harnessing the power of multitasking products, and ultimately committing to a more sustainable (and often cheaper) beauty routine. 

If you incorporate key active ingredients that aid overall skin health, while targeting your specific skin concerns, you will only need to use a few products in your skincare regime, saving you loads of time and money. 

Dermatologists will always recommend you to try one new product at a time and never recommend half the items in your vanity. “The key to simplifying your skincare cabinet, is firstly, knowing your skin type and skin concerns, and then educating yourself on ingredients that are suitable for your skin, and only using those products,” add Khosa. 

Re-building your skincare regime: 

  • Consult a skin expert or dermatologist to professionaly assess your skin type and concerns
  • Now that you know your type of skin, let’s focus on your concerns, here are some pointers to consider: 
    • Dryness: Add an effective moisturiser with Hyaluronic acid OR Squalane; 
    • Hyperpigmentation: Consider a glycolic acid or Vitamin C serum; 
    • Crow’s feet, aging, or loss of elasticity: Retinol is your holy grail; 
    • If acne and breakouts are your biggest struggle, try a cleanser or spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid;
  • Cut back on the products. A good formula is all you need.  All skin has the same everyday needs. There is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other. For example: There is no need to purchase two moisturisers – one for day and one for night, stick with one well-made formula. 
  • What you actually need: an effective cleanser, serum, moisturiser and SPF. 

Remember healthy skin has pores, spots, and scars and you cannot aim to ‘fix’ every skin problem, as there is no such thing as perfect skin. Focusing on one issue at a time and trying to address that issue singularly, rather than trying to focus on all of your problems simultaneously, will make the biggest difference when approaching your skincare routine. 

SKIN functional has a range of serums and tonics that have active ingredients targeting overall skin health. SKIN functional is an affordable, local skincare brand. 

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