Many women cringe at the thought of posting a picture of themselves on social media unless their make-up is on-point. If you’re one of those women, then we’re here to help you take selfies you’ll be proud to post during the lockdown. 

Use the best skin care products for your skin

The secret behind every beautiful makeup-free selfie is a good face care routine. If you want your skin to look radiant on camera, then you put in the work. Steps that you can’t skip if you want to improve your skin’s tone and texture is exfoliation and moisturising. Exfoliation assists in unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells and with regular use increases the skin’s radiance and youthfulness. 

To exfoliate we recommend the POND’S Pure Detox Mineral Clay Cleansing scrub because it deeply cleanses skin with its detoxifying properties. Exfoliate in the morning and end your routine with a mattifying cream if you have normal and combination skin, and a vanishing cream if you have oily skin and pimples. You’ll be excited to capture your shine-free, smooth skin.

Make sure the lighting is in your favour

Light will make or break any photo, so choose the location you want to take your picture carefully. You don’t want lighting that’s too bright because that will just make your features disappear and lighting that’s too dark can make you look dull and tired. Take your selfies in front of an open window when the sun is out, or you can position a lamp in front of you for a little more light. Facing direct light brightens dark circles, gets rids of any shadows and it instantly gives your skin a glow. 

Play around with filters

Filters were made for one reason – to make pictures look better. So, use them to your advantage and find a filter that works for you. Perhaps you want to add more light to your images, or maybe you want to add a vintage touch to them, and thanks to Snapchat you can even look like an adorable animal! Every popular social media platform gives you the option of adding filters to your pictures, use them wisely and your selfies will look great. 

Check the background

We’ve all seen selfies that looked pretty great, but the background was just off and if we’re honest, a bad background can ruin everything. To be safe, take pictures leaning against a wall or in a part of your house that doesn’t have too much going on. However, if you find yourself taking a stunning picture but aren’t happy with the background, make use of apps such as, Facetune, TouchRetouch and Background Eraser to help you transform it. 

Groom your brows and apply lip balm

Eyebrows shape your face and make a huge difference in transforming your all-natural look. Clean up any stray hairs and brush and shape them using your eyebrow brush. Applying lip balm will give your lips a healthy shine for your pictures.

Follow these tips to take gorgeous makeup free selfies!

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