Did you know that rapid weight gain, unhealthy food cravings, difficulty to lose weight and obesity may all have underlying medical causes such as Leptin resistance?


At Body Renewal we offer a Medical Weight Loss Program that uses HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) together with an eating plan to treat these causes of obesity.


Here are our nine unique benefits to consider when selecting your Medical Weight Loss Program provider!

1. Ensuring you first consult with one of our qualified medical doctors enables us to identify and address any health problems that could potentially hamper your weight loss journey. Our doctors look out for your overall wellness while treating you.

2. We only use compounded bio-identical HCG prepared and sealed in a sterile laboratory by a qualified pharmacist, as is required by law. We do not prepare our own mixtures that could be potentially dangerous due to contamination and mixing in non-sterile conditions. Vials that are not sealed and stored in a refrigerator, as well as pre-filled syringes, may not have the correct effect on leptin sensitisation.

3. All patients are screened for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), blood sugar levels, hypertension, thyroid disease, as well as liver and gut conditions/dysbiosis (abnormal gut microbiota). Our doctors are aware of the importance of checking for any abnormal conditions to ensure that you can attain your weight loss goals. For difficult cases, we also offer a multi-gene DNA Health and DNA Diet-gene test to exclude conditions such as metabolic syndrome, elevated cholesterol levels and more.

4. Registered nurses support and aid you during your journey. If you are not losing sufficient weight, they will assist you in identifying the problem and help you to correct it. Your blood glucose and blood pressure will be monitored initially and they will perform a body stat analysis, as well as take your BMI (Body Mass Index) and body measurements.

5. You are not alone! You have access to an entire professional team of medical doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff who will help you reach your goals and keep you motivated throughout your journey. To further assist you, we also have a “buddy system” in place, via our Slender Blog.

6. For your convenience, we offer pre-prepared frozen meals that have been cooked according to strict recipe specifications and are available online or through our branches. Additional tips and recipes are also provided to assist you with the eating program.

7. We offer you state of the art centimetre loss devices such as the I-lipo™ and Velashape™, a valuable add-on to your program, at drastically reduced prices. When you are reaching your ideal weight, we recommend Cryo-Lipo™ to help reduce bumps and bulges that are difficult to eliminate with weight loss and exercise alone.

8. The majority of people have some form of gut dysbiosis/abnormal microbiota which will dampen any successful weight loss program. To help your body prepare for our weight loss program, we include a five-day cleansing and preparation program before you start. This colon/gut cleansing program can help remove unhealthy bacteria and yeast from the body.

9. Since everyone loves to win when they lose, we introduced the annual 12 Week Slender Challenge in 2011. In the last challenge, our 27 patients lost a total of 443kg. The average weight loss calculated across all our challenges is 14.9kg per patient and the biggest loser lost 39.5 kg!


* If your weight has been an ongoing concern, take our Weight Loss Survey!

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