For a long while now, the media has been obsessed with what people look like. So much so that social media has become a platform for anti body-shamers, size acceptance activism and many other “isms” that make a real effort to allow everyone to do exactly as they please when it comes to looks and fashion. And this is right. This is how it should be. No matter who you are, what your shape is, or the colour of your skin, you should be allowed to rock any outfit, hair colour or accessory you want.


Whether you’re an amateur fashionista, a budding dress designer or a corporate high-flyer the change of season means a switch up in your fashion sense. And as we head into the colder months those of us who love fashion have spent some time planning our new winter get-up. Because fashion should offer you both comfort and confidence, which is what we hold onto when the going get’s tough. After all, Anna Wintour says “If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better”. Nice clothes and having your own style can help you to feel confident and powerful no matter what’s happening in your life.


This winter season you should make sure you have some staples. So that no matter the potential storm outside, indoors you’ll feel always in control.


Turtlenecks are back

We went through a long time where turtlenecks were considered less than chic. But this is no longer the case, they’re back big time. This is the ultimate winter staple. It covers you up in all the right places to ensure you remain feeling snug and warm, but can still look sexy. We saw a revival of the body suit this last summer and now winter turtlenecks can be found as body suits too. This will help you look svelte and show off your figure beautifully. Alternatively, if your style is more about loose fitting clothing then a chunky knit turtleneck paired with a pair of gorgeous jeans and boots will look laidback but sexy.


Black booties beauty

Just like the little black dress, little black booties are a definite investment when winter comes along. Find ones with a nice size heel which is chunky so that you remain comfortable at all times. These boots can dress up your most casual wear and dress down an outfit you’re rocking throughout the day that is meant for the evening. They look great with skinny jeans, and miniskirts or fancy shorts paired with stockings. As far as ladies shoes go, these are an absolute must in any women’s closet.


Smart, structured jacket

This is akin to your school blazer. But it’s actually something really useful in the winter time. Of course, not every day of the winter season is rainy, and when the temperature is up you’ll want something less bulky than a coat or jersey. A tailored jacket is the answer, which can be paired with a skirt, jeans or slacks. It’ll spruce up a t-shirt and make for a really corporate look when paired with a collared shirt.


Perfect plimsolls

These shoes are incredibly comfortable and easy-to-wear. They’re definitely on the casual end of the fashion spectrum but they make for a nice take on a regular sneaker. You can find patterned ones or those with beads and sequins sewn on. Investing in a pair of these means you bridge the gap between wearing sneakers and wearing a smart pair of shoes. You won’t pair these with eveningwear but you could pair them with an easy-wearing suit or turned up smart jeans and a jersey or jacket. Last year we saw the reintroduction of platform sneakers. You can find platform plimsolls too if you enjoy a bit of height to complete your look.


Biker jacket

A biker jacket paired with a floral dress and stockings is a style of yesteryear. But it’s a mix ‘n match style that’s never completely died out. And the biker jacket is truly versatile. This is something you can wear over a hoodie and pair it with a cocktail dress. It suits any type of shoes you decide to wear whether we’re talking about white chucks or thigh-high leather boots. It will also match any colour scheme and possibly the only thing a biker jacket won’t work with is a linen suit. And no one is wearing linen suits in winter.


These staples will give your winter wardrobe the grounding you need. Through the use of accessories, hats and your makeup you can add elements of your personal style. And winter is the time to add layers which means that you can enjoy your favourite earrings, beanie, scarf and gloves all in one outfit.

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