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In 1999, after leading a very successful corporate career in Senior Brand Management, our founder, Michelle Korevaar took a leap of faith and embarked on her journey as an entrepreneur. Her dream was to merge her skillset and passion into a career; connecting the consumer, marketer and NGO’s in relevant ways. SPICE was born and six years later saw the transformation of SPICE into SPICE4LIFE and the launch of the online magazine as you know it today. But what started off as an online website to share relevant, helpful and inspiring information to women across South Africa, has developed into a beautiful, authentic brand. SPICE4LIFE.co.za is no longer just a resource – but the home of collaboration, inspiration, connection and empowerment in South Africa, and the world.

As SPICE grew, so did the vision – and whilst keeping our readers in the know always remained important to us, our loyal audience revealed a hunger for so much more than just that. The growing desire for authentic connection, positive contribution, and the opportunity to have a voice – through stories, opinions, expertise, resources, advice and more – spurred our desire to expand, and satiate the budding need.

We have made it our mission not to conform to what will pay the rent, but what will leave a legacy in the hearts of the women who visited our space. The needs of the women come first.



After discovering the desire amongst passionate individuals to not only have a voice, but to be heard, Michelle Korevaar (staying true to her marketing roots) decided it was time for that need to be satisfied – and the Content Generation Hub came to be. In conjunction with SPICE4LIFE, the Content Generation Hub allows people around the world to build their online profiles and to be heard by influencers and the influenced alike, by writing on SPICE4LIFE.co.za through a personalised contributor profile.

This platform is an excellent way to gain entry into your industry, whatever it may be, by creating credibility and leaving a mark that will last forever through inspired writings and shared knowledge. The best part is that the opportunity lies in the hands of the ambitious go-getters, helping them stand out from the crowd and bridging the gap between skills and the opportunity to showcase those skills.

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Although Michelle may have left a corporate career behind – leaving marketing behind with it was never an option. In 2009 she directed her passion toward assisting fellow entrepreneurs (specifically women) in building their brand architecture and running communications strategies to give voice to their business vision. The Incubator was created to represent these clients, along with the strong consortium of our preferred suppliers, allowing them to have a choice from the best to implement their marketing strategies.



The coupling of Michelle’s hunger to make a difference, along with her innovative, strategic ability has lead to ideas, opportunities, and collaborations aimed at fulfilling social needs. This has become a key focus point and is our dream, and purpose.  We believe that it is time to work together to find new solutions to the challenges facing our society, and that it is the only way forward.

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