The SPICE4LIFE team, otherwise known as the Innovation Task Force Team, is made up of passionate individuals who offer “Best of breed” professional skillset.

Fundamentally, 100% aware of the human family dynamic, this team’s purpose and commitment is to implement the SPICE4LIFE philosophy, and to nurture and up skill those who want to do the same. The heartbeat of our company culture embraces inclusivity, equality and collaboration at all points of entry, embracing a young talent internship programme, and mentorship and peer learning nurtured by mentors and leaders within overlapping ecosystems.

This committed team is not limited to our offices in Cape Town – we are lucky enough to have people all over the world who contribute toward the vision through the limitless communication opportunities presented by technology.


Michelle Korevaar

Founder and CEO

MICHELLE KOREVAAR describes herself as a serial marketer and spends most of her time advising clients, organisations, non-profit organisations (and anyone else who will listen), on marketing 101.Michelle aspires to connect and inspire marketers and brand ambassadors around the world with her passionate plea for brands to connect rather than “propogand” to their audience. She is passionate about connecting, informing, and inspiring women both locally and globally through “edutainment”.



Our SPICE4LIFE Ambassadors are our leading Champions of Change. They are globally positioned, leaders in their industry and are passionately involved in positive contributions to economy and society.

Ambassadors serve to inspire through their example so that we as every day agents of change can become champions of change in society, by not just talking but acting.

They are committed to Spreading the SPICE4LIFE vision to the corners of the earth by igniting inspired action in each one of us that has ever wanted to be part of making a difference.

Stronger Together, we welcome all agents of change to register.


Honorary Ambassador

Marsha Firestone (USA)


Global Ambassadors

Carin Lann (SE)

Dillip Pattanaik (IN)

Cheryl Collins (USA)

Suzanne Anzur (UK)

Tijen Aybar (USA)

Kikona-Lopez Pinto (ES)

Megan Barnes (AUS)

Aasia Saail Khan (PK)

Annette Rosencreutz (SE)

Thomas Gad (SE)

Megan Barnes (AUS)

Maria Machailo-Ellis (BW)

Jerry Hultin (USA)

Fenly Foxen (IN)


Local Ambassadors

Roshan Isaacs

Bruce Wade

Di Rosen

Sean Lubbe

Barbara Kasasa

Nancy Richards

Helen Johns

Robyn Hey

Bronwen Kausch

Pearl Mbeje

Poppy Vilakazi

Joy McCarthy

Yvonne Van Dyck (AT)


Youth Ambassadors

Terese Lann-Welin (SE)

Paramjot Kaur (USA)

Simona Kipfer (CH)

Lesedi Job (ZA)



Our Contributors are an integral part of the Content Generation Hub, which was created not only to give voice to passionate individuals, but to provide them with a platform to be heard. We are lucky enough to be able to share the opinions, passions and advice of contributors around the world with our readers through interesting, engaging content across a wide range of topics.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a SPICE4LIFE Contributor, please Click here.


The Youth Academy started when two dreams became one amazing reality. Mandla Tyobidyasi, a role model in the informal community of Dunoon, an informal settlement in Cape Town, had a dream to mentor the children in his community. Michelle had dreams of her own within the community – to connect with, inform, inspire and empower the youth of tomorrow. The change agents synergised their visions – and the SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy was born.

The Youth Academy leads participation in team sport, predominantly soccer. We help to develop the life skills of children in the community and address social issues that are identified.



How to get involved?

Right now our main focus is in fulfilling the needs and dreams of 300 children in Dunoon. As a registered non-profit organisation, we are able to provide you with our number and CSI certificate

  • Sponsor kit
  • Equipment
  • Food parcels
  • Transport donations
  • Become an “Agent of Change” (by paying R100 a month towards a child’s needs)

For more information, or to become involved in the SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy, Click here



A big part of what we believe at SPICE4LIFE is that collaborative efforts are needed it order for change to occur – and we are fortunate enough to have found like-minded individuals/organisations on our journey so far. If you feel that you/your organisation would like to contribute towards our mission Click here, or if you would like to be considered for a media partnership Click here.

To meet our existing partners, click here.



28,9% of our beautiful country is between the ages of 15 – 34 years old. The possibilities that accompany such a youthful country are limitless – yet we hold the third highest unemployment rate in the world in that age group. Access to education is increasing, but it seems that education alone is not enough when it comes to the very competitive job market. More and more, employers are seeking experience from graduates and employees alike. It seems that without experience, our youth cannot find work – and without work, our youth cannot gain experience!

At SPICE4LIFE we have chosen to make it our responsibility to work towards breaking that cycle through our Young Talent Internship Programme. The programme not only helps the individual gain experience, but provides peer to peer learning, mentorship, and a personalised experience that will set a strong foundation in all alumni.

WE have welcomed over 100 interns spanning both local and international terrain and take pride in being innovative to how we approach internships. Yes – that means no coffee runs and photo copying for weeks on end!

To meet our current and past interns, click here.

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