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GivenGain's Tribute to Ubuntu and Collective Philanthropy: Celebrating South African Heritage Month with Giving

GivenGain’s Tribute to Ubuntu and Collective Philanthropy: Celebrating South African Heritage Month with Giving

As South Africa embraces the spirit of heritage during September, GivenGain, proudly the country’s leading online non-profit fundraising platform, invites all South Africans to join a new tradition that celebrates the essence of ubuntu and collective giving. Founded in 2001, GivenGain remains committed to its core belief that "it is better to give than to…

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Leading online fundraising platform Givengain helps cyclists raise over r11.5 million for causes

Leading online fundraising platform GivenGain helps cyclists raise over R11.5 million for causes

In the lead-up to a bumper month of cycling events, South Africa's premier online fundraising platform GivenGain has today challenged cyclists worldwide: can they beat their personal best for a worthy cause?   As the official fundraising partner of the Cape Town Cycle Tour and ABSA Cape Epic events for several years, and platform for other cycle…

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It’s all there in the ads, hashtags, celebrity endorsements, fundraising appeals and golden ribbons: September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in SA, and few other causes inspire more widespread support.  “This makes it the perfect time for supporters of the relevant charities to start their fundraising appeals, and for the charities themselves to make the…

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